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VOL. 2. NO. 6 6;,_
Voice of "The Infinite's" for Venous. Pinto.
Forth, Mars, Saturn. and 7 dokuazruskahen.
Aiblished in the Dark of the Moon -- 6 to 12 Moons a Year -- at
207 North Washington Street, Maid, Oklahoma, U. S. A.
Editors The~ . Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HIRT', 1-2, D.D., D.Scn., P.Scn..
B.Son. (2) , H.C.A. , B.D.A.. _J(7ldCflCS. - Publishers AGNES ALIE HART ,- I-L_ A•C.A.. SEC. , H. Rpr. , ETC.

PCLICY-.-Don't take it so damn' seriously. The tomorrow you'reworried
about today will be funny yesterday.

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issue, or even from Page-I to Page 2, if we desire.

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on used advertising.) EVEN A SABLE Our friend
COAT SHOULD and fellow
BE RAINPROOF student, Edd
Clark, has run
afoul of sindicated justice
out in Phoenix, Ariz. The
of the, September
Monopoly issue
ports Clark was arrested n
a five-count complaint, him of practising
medicine without a license.

This charge came shortly
after two female phonies
from the "law" enforcement
agencies contacted Edd pretending to want alleviationfrom some imaginary ills.
Clark was one of those who
stayed behind after the
H.A.S.I. upped anchor and
sailed across the country
for Washington, D.C.

Down in Sydney, Australia, a "news pappeer calling

itself "Truth ,.has launched
a full scale attack against
one of Scientology's emissaries, Marcus Tooley, after his opening of a school.
In a full page blast that
pulled no punches, Tooley's
school, and the speed with
which he obtained his certificates, were branded "an
expensive sham". The regorter, who did not sign
is so-called expose, paraded his self-confessed cleverness by suggesting another degree, "D.D.T. -- Doctor
of Deceit and Trickery".

This attack on Scientology from two widely different quarters -- one, the recently abandoned "mine" of
the "chief .prospector" -- is
a threat against every auditor engaged in Scientology
for pay. More than a year
ago, a writer pointed out
in the columns of The ABERREE that Scientology could
not classify itself- as a
religion as long as a stipulated rate of payment was
demanded for processing.
For this, both The ABERREE
and the writer of the letter were attacked in official quarters, and the charges-$500 for a 25-hour intensive and $1,250 for a
75-hour intensive -- continued to be advertised and

Now, with two ordained
"ministers" of the Church
of American Science (Scien-.
- tology) facing prosecution,
and public embarrassment,
somebody is going to have
to prove something. Either
ie t-logy is a religion --
and its ministers entitled
to the same legal respect
accorded the more orthodox
"savers of souls" -- or the
certificates sold to graduates of the more expensive
course are mere pieces of
pretty paper, and should be
so labeled.

It shouldn't be up to
the "ministers" to prove --
at the risk of imprisonment
if they don't -- that the degrees they bought are all
they're supposed to be.

There are those who blame
the American Medical Association for this fight to
keep their monopoly in the
field of so-called heRBng ,
others blame the Phoenix
medicate -- morning and evening—whose community control is the ashes Phoenix
might well rise up out of.
But until we as Scientologists -- ministers or therapists -- can show that the
raincoat we're wearing is
waterproof, some of us are
likely to find ourselves
,drenched each time we have
a shower.

SPOT AI3JA!S More and
ON MOVE ISN'T more, it beEASY TO FIND comes apparent that Scientology itself is no more
and no less than a game of
Opening Procedure 8-C.

In Opening Procedure, the
auditor tells his pre-clear
to contact various objects,
or move from one spot. to
another, and he continues
this for as long as he and/ _
or the pre-clear will stand
for it.

The evolution, or devolution, of Scientology has
followed this Opening Procedure pattern. Hubbard,
as the ",aster auditor",
has ahMed his mass-preclears students) from, one
site to-another: Elizabeth,
Chicago, Ios Angeles, Wichita, Phoenix., Philadelphia,
Camden and nosr Washington.
Successively, they've contacted engross, past lives,
DEDe, a,, and the upper corners -ot the room
endlessly. At each point,
some -- a the pre-clears
who balk at too many hours
of "Dirty 300—have-dropped
esa audo s ~ are still
running engrains; others are
getting results amassing past lives; and a of
the not-too-ancient ones
are trying to locate their
agre-cleans three feet behind
their heads. Ma-rent auditors, however ors those
who can sit idly by -andyap
"0. K." the hour while
their leong-suffering preclears march from spot to
spot, putting their fingers
on this. and that.

Is it possible the "Master Auditor" cannot himself
duplicate? Do these shifts
in space and in technique
reflect an inability to return to the same home and
office day after day, month
after month, and teach the
same thing to class after
It might be interesting
to know how many hours of
Opening Procedure the Master Auditor" himself has
run on others, or had run
on him. Also, it might be
interests' to know how
much more e. Procedure
must be us=. on the Science
itself before it can be
stabilized and settled.