Volume 2, Issue 5, page 19

Twhat the truth to a given subject
is. Example: 'Bon says the wall is
there because I keep ppuutting it
there'. The-truth is the weil is
there because someone decided an a
building; than they got carpenters
to build it. If I insist I'm putting it there. I'^ refusing to allow
the contractors the right to have
built it...As long as I live in this
world I most be able to allow others
to live in it also; they have as
such right to their ideas as I have
to mine, but the truth of anything
should be the same to all people.
Anyone can look at the walls at bt6
N. Third St. and know Ron didn't put
them there because they were there
before he came to Phoenix and they
are ill there ter he's gone.
Tht I put it there is the biggest
the act of being "The Only
One" I km of." -- Pearl Resnick,
Phoenix, Ariz.
"Have been reading Welgos' Lessons in Livingness , . Very good
stuff. Wordy as is Welgos. but reflects the man's growth and reed
since he started in Elizabeth wit
Hubbard. Makes us realize over again
dianetics is a LABORATORY, not a
study, not a pit. With the theoretical data from our various sources. TRIED AND TESTED IN THE PBOCESSIBG BOQ)i, and checked over the
months afterwards. we grow in understanding. Welgos has been processing
himself and others for seHy year
now. There is evident growth in
depth, breadth. sad height.
"The test of any pie is. not how
smoothly the oven operates. but, is

it Tn n. mabe a re-depleymeat of A. RC