Volume 2, Issue 5, page 13

practice of psychotherapy,
and has done considerable
experiments with them. The
circuit has provedtobe the
best means of self-processing the writer has discovered. A continuous
scan while in the circuit
brings up incidents and runs
them. Processing seems to
go more rapidly when the
client is-in the relaxation
circuit, and the best results from group processing
seem to come from the use
of the circuit preferably
without verbalization. The
writer had a chance to check
his use of the Beman techniques and gain more knowledge of the results recently
when he was able to spend
scOm time with an Englishwoman who was a student of
Eeman'a and has used his
methods . for a number of
years Consequently, it is
now possible to advocate the
use of these techniques,
though there is much room
for the b~est~way experimentation
can to
combined with the techniques
you already know. -- Ross
Lamoreaux, Phoenix, Ariz.
DIANETICS PERFECTED -- An unsigned publication of
Human Engineering, I n c.,
Fairhope, Ala. -- In this 27page booklet, the author or
authors have found little
to recommend in dianetics --
with the possible exception
of the Tone Scale and some
of the late group processAnd the primary fault
with dianetics, the book
points out, is illustrated
in the five ways Hubbard
gives of dealing with a
black panther