Letters to the Editor (continued)

trae _really nery stuff, and a lot of
others are going to ESSFECITFILLT
b r ' i : to your at ention some of the
giss , links. So if y m have
p1 • to space it out , you are asa
the right lane. (Did you say hano
the contributors? VII' be
so :illy?
"Fifth, be-arbitrary as all get
oat. IT I8 SO. -you thu der t •
Next- smoth -- ou cam thaunder ITS
HEM SO, and. if you please.peaple
with etruD-out adventures,
...ty stories or references., etc.
t won't -holler very loud. Those
that holler. Yyou 't want dan them
ikth, talk as though m just
were led around the nose. SCIENGS. Private, you take science out and lead y it. around by the
nose... Science has suffered this
w for many centuries and doesn't
know one leash fran another.
"Seventh, and most important,
BEG. Get the gifts coming in. If
enough people feel proud to give to
YOU, y€n are set. (You and I know
sIst one responding to be!LI
is in aataae of ro h at ion, ain't wood. Butpthat is where you
want t-for easy leading, and if
ou re smart' you'll keep them
There. You may be getting a
month salary, but talk up that old
battered typewriter, and- so on.

Never mind the six neW electrics
you 1 st bought for- part of the
"Nighth, lead them around the
old barn. THIS IS ALI, TH Z IS,
Gaiter this year. T LIB'? ANY
• IT IS A PLS. And there
watch to see who hikes out and
tries to set up his v,n six%
Minot such a ane-, you thunder=
A NO-GO?, or I MIR IW=
HOw TO-DO IT or, I CAUGHT Thy SOANa :4,IBG. If picked
your people right at the start,
will take -- this.
tile? will
, yau have a diffeee
The AHERN, June, 1955
of opinion. Same leaders pursue a
of icy of switching teams at the
f mark, others wait until the
going gets a little slow, and_ others just pick a staff that will
s hitched. and eat .old hay,
Point Ten is important:
check the cult members to see-if
t act like.cultists." -- Lee Lockbaar , N1 Aso, Texas.
"lased is a personal check
for 2 for one-year subscription to
the AB -- or -- for as long as
you are permitted to roduo:e your
production -- see ABILI t'III
—where (S is 'lowers the Boca
oya one Aiphia Hart -- an the ABEL.

NB. '
"I have a. brief cmmunication
from Volney Mathison re: L. Ron and
the B-meter going out of Scientology .and Dianetics. His lanatian
consisted briefly that we 'cancelled Mr. Tbbard's sales franchise
about a year ago' plus recovnendt
ing t I secure the =WU contain : the sto !THERE'S GOLD IH
THEM : +: API= HILLS.' So I gant
this particular issue...
"I now have Mr.Mathison's Fourth
Edition. of $ectropsychoanetry. Just
received it lots of reading there
-- in scanning it sounds good. I
liked the E -- meter and sure have
been curious about the reeM background of the split between L. Roan
and V. M.
"I am curious about a lot of
other matters -- ,be I'll get some
answers in the
"P.S. -- I can add after maia
f flowing letters legit~e..
and I an not cast ANY KC-.

. D. , us- sa H.C.L. t t haasg~o~e
~ru John & Tuck Tarrel1's Seattle
re-tread class—in latest Intensive
cocedure-which have home not
a latest within about two weeks
after -ccmplet the com. " -- if.C.
1uel , Tacoma, . .

"...Yau certainly sound sincere
in this dispute with the MI and
fEC9. Why not offer to let the
Phoenix Better Bnsss Bureau arbitrate? Or -uame such thing? .
"I've thout of ol a
list of- 'Diane is Dichotomies' 'cco sing quotes- from dianetic aaasthorrt:tive sources and appropriate
pou ite votes from same at later
dates When on a reverse tack. Do
7au think this would be- constructlva, or only more enturbulative?" --
Dick Kerlin, University Catty, Mo.

"Just a few comments on the April 'Aberree'.. .
"I have not so far said hoW much
I admire your ab ii i to turn out
an interesting our and your artistic talent. HIt asst be also a
technical triumph to duplicate so
exactly. Seriously, I think you
may be william Blake re-incarnated.
"Please try to persuade Mr. A.L.
Nit selman to- let you publish the
secret, which he claims to have
discovered, of the success of Mr.
Hubbard and like characters
if you have to the .
es r.~.
yourself in instalments. chaps
it has not occurred to Mr. Eitselmen that- asking money for doing
what would be so much in the public
interest does not create a-good im..
pression; and it would greatly benefit 1-Therapy directly if he disclosed the secret free of- charge.
"Also, lease persuade Mr. Richard W. I' fiber toi let you lish
his -inte retation of D d S It.
soauads vepry interes ' particularly a new outlook then of _on th reincarnation,
"It is mental-cruelty to have
these hints of interesting nor
ideas dangled before one without
any- details and lanat ions. " -- E.

T. Robins-, London, and.,
"If one bothers to scan the
fields of han achievement. he
will find that in the arts, great
masterpieces have very often been
produced by people who personally
were most undesirable. In the sci..
ences, great discoveries have been
made by people without the practical sense to keep their shoe-laces
tied. I do not mean to draw too
close an amla ; but analytical
thinking shoal d - keep the naa separated from his great work. The work
is inspired, The man sometimes is
inspired. Sometimes he is human.
Sometimes he is devastatingly human.
"It is =fortunate for us all
that Ron. who is a terrific synth.size?, extrapolator, and adventurer
into mew realms of- the mind and
spirit, should think that he is also a great business men. But he
does. His failures as a business
man and in handl-i Ie shouldnot make us-think that his discoveries are invalid. Re understands
preclears, not people. Aberration_
and its alleviation. not normeai
and its uses. Let's not throw ou
the baby with the bathl" -- Ikey
Stone, pb~eed~a, Calif.

"I have been in the dienetigaes
/during a very long tine. Many pre~claires I have cured of the somati e in the bodie and in the
Untie , but of a lateness I have
decided Rrself to case to your
countrie for .the purpose to learn
th sciento
Mere, ~ve-att ad mach of
the meetings to know what the entologie tells one ; acd have opthe attention with a dite~.nare touched. chambers. _in spots which for 4- had a venita.
and held long th corners. Thee
things I did with t f ragne: r•
And very very many tinge, they- did
no happen.
"I mie also the observance of
much of our comrades who
themselves in the practice o
techniques scientologicale. But
alas, all occupied the positions
which are a lowness on the scale of
the tones. And there is the result
that I have ish sadness in the
heart and must of a certaintie
leave your countrie end return to
"Bait no, dear f rieaad , do not
grieve for me. The sadness shall
exterminate itself. At home, n