Letters to the Editor (continued)

what is best for me because they
know and I don't.
11 p
"Al a ii . this l sene , I think -iT 1ihyp~ Dre
are pose bilities in the concept
that you should not be attempting
to change anyone by processing
them. To try to change them implies trying to improve them which
Implies a less than optimum condition which among other pthings kicks
in all the 'there's nothing the
matter with me' circuits.
"As I think on;it, this theory
seems to present“more possibilities. Ron has always said that the
wai catt is through. I believe that
Scneaatolo~ sts in general, and perbaps the :: ites in particular, are
so attention-fixed u pm the great
and glorious 0. T. goal that they
will not notice this everyday world
that they must learn to cape with.

And let's face it, a good mery Scientologists are such because they
can't or couldn't cope with the everyday world. I believe that the
reason they reject society and its
fh:° s is that for the moslifaxt
tried for them and f ed.

Iturall y they will have this attitude. But they will not be able to
successfully process someone in
this condition.
"It makes sense that a Caamamist
is a frustrated Capitalist. And it
makes sense that a Scientologist is
a frustrated eve ., Joe. And
since they now ' ae' that the
goals of society are bad, they are
going to use t it superior knowledge to 'lead them in the paths of
"So, for the reasons stated above, let's 'fi out' (horrid,
dreadfully meamf:;;ul word) some
to get successful people interested
in using Scientology, not for themselves but on othe le...M_..

Dr. -- - Withheld.).
" ndly consider u subscription
cancelled as of now. I find your
'Aberree' more depressing as timm
rolls along. Mei- I sgggest a little process !"-_R.L ean, D.C.,
Lua®nbur8, LI.
"I have been much astonished to
see published large extracts of one
of my letters, although as it is
obvious, this letter...being the
sequence c previous letters and
the answer of some of your questions and debate on scoaopoints of
view's it gives a quits wrong impression to the redder about
opinions and considerations..
"When I _ say that I do not i ly
the different SdPs, I mean sha I
do not stick to every detail of the
Saps and every teohaigcue.. But I apply what Hibbard always said, that
we are interested in results, and
that_ any process which gives results .is good.
"In the Ability Major I which is
the wal of the Scientologist
1955, he says again most emphatically: (end of page 7)
...bad group processing and
bad auditing are worse than bad
publicity and are the worst things
that can happen... The best thing
that can happen is good auditing,
ood audit
,The ABERRE, June, 1955
good public presentation, and a sin
cere approach on the subject of

Scientology itself. Renember, we
are interested in ALL treatments

being beneficial, whether it is
Scientology or not. For bad treat
ment in ally line lowers the public

opinion of all treatment.'
"I consider that this is'my at
titude, to give always results, the

results I :promise to the preclear

and which the preclear rightly ex
pects from me. So from all SPs,

processes. and technig les . ` i keep

those who give NETS, o)

the the above principle. given: by ins
bard. . And I ea* say I have not

failures (no one) and that I pro
duce the results, though not the

miracles I read about, made.in some

hours. .
"About what it is saId in the

last raj:mph of the extracts pub
lishemy letter, it mast seem

quite incomprehensible to the read
or. It is said that I profited only

negatively, when above in the ~e
letter it is said that I ve been

able to improve my method meaning

the Processes I apply) and v self,

through the discoveries of .: ,bard
and that I are him a Iota So it

should be clarified that all this

obscure paragra h refers to a bad

experience I had two years ago with

an auditor recommended to be a The
ta Clear. Be was unable of twor
communication, holding as I under
stood, that the aim of processing

was to show-off a display of tech
niques and not improving being;
the ness, unable of unde standi tlevels (the tone scale etc., with
the result that after 20 hours of

processing he harmed me a lot, and
had to work six months to rebuild

way self
his mistakes, his

errors and misunderstandings of
Scientoloea, and all his shortcom
ings, ; I learned a lot negative~ll -- .

"These days I received the Notes

on Lectures given by Hubbard in

July 1954 published by the BAS of

South Africa, and I see and admit

that there is a tremendous prog
ress, and processes are'stabie and

certain, and also the Manual of the

Scientologist published in Ability

Major I, clarified a lot to me a
bout the considerations of Hubbard

s concerning the organizations and

his policy.
"Moreover the HMI accepted to

forward we the Journals on the

credit basis and so personally I am

content end wish- that the whole

scientolo cal field goes on, ppro
aua the cted results of a
new kind. of ni be . "-th.
Athsnassoulis, t rr~., Hgc ,
"Tour Clinical Course Notes certainly get there firstest with the
iaostest. It is concise , clear cut
and the finest collection of data
on Scientology under one cover extant.
"It is a collector's item and a
must for any seriois student. I am
sire that much merest will occur in
certain corners of various universes when it becomes known that so
much has been given to so amar for
so damn little.
"As you kaw we have been disendaared 1 a in along with several
other natives of the GADA and other
inhabitants of the planet. To say
I em sorry is not exactly correct.
I am amused and slightly sad .to observe such antics condoned. by one.
so brilliant in certain channels.
It merely makes it all too clear
that certain ones are just channels
for data to reach a cocnaunication
point , namely earth; and 'clear' is
still just a word." -- Hardin and Joanna Walsh. Los Angeles, Calif.
"The conference was better a hi
tended than the A.I. try. W had
registrations out of which 50, were
for the full four days. Reaction
was generally good and the entire
congress was in high tone .at its
close. W haven't been overwhelmed
with any rush of business but we
did make good solid gains on the
people here in Detroit. A lot of
those who have been interested and
dropped by the wayside have expressed new interest and have specifically endorsed the congress and
are willing to endorse it further
to the extent of written notice of
ability to triple the number of
Lid reservations at another one to
be held here. All in all, I'd say
we were a success from the standpoint of this and future congresses....
"I can understand how you feel
about the deal you have received
from Phoenix. However, in aan y situation such as this, an observer
from a remote vantage point can
evaluate a situation according to
what is there. Not being in the
thick of the battle, one is able to
view each side and mss a valuation
based on all the factors involved
rather thun just those on the side
he happens to be on. True, you can
continue to be a thora in the side
of the Phoenix operation. I and no
other fully c. -- tent auditor however will cont .1e e to support your
views in the marner in which yon
present them, or thr • M .h the mad sea
which they are pros ed. As yan
know, I went to the H.T. eeonferenoe
with the intention of either getting asses of a concrete program which supported the auditors
in the field and coordinated their
activities or I las about to form
an or irmtion which world do so.
Phoea~x has such a plan and it is a
good ono, They have done the actual 'spade-work' themselves and
what they offer is & workable . s -r~
Mica which can be used by as y i-entologistto the benefit of the
entire organization. This is as it
should be. The jab is difficult
enough, the tone a the society being considered, without our own people putting up road blocks.
pio- , if this is a dichotcar of
my former feelings, then so be it,
I'll admit it is a oblongs and I
feel one for the bettor. Ability
Major I is a statement of policy by
the central organisation. To a Scientologist, it is what he has been