Letters to the Editor

"Iben you retract the last ten
or twenty issues of the Aberee
(sic) , we will read your correspondence • " -- Millen for IBS, Phoenix.,
"This is just a note to let yau
know that I am shocked and horrified to find out the kind of people
I associate with. It seems that
min*ind is basically good....All ex..
cept Ai ia. Hart, that is. I deduced this from reading a little
magazine called Ability Minor, You
must be either the devil yau claim
to be or an operating-theten. It's
a. cinch you are not a member of
"As one of the psychotics who
read your magazine I would like to
register a protest. I should like
to state that I am 'unbreg
rocessed', having sunk over 11
Into Scientology within the last
six months.
"I can find little of importance
or interest in the mocked-up universe of Scientology so I'll just
t it down as a lob of good clean
and consider self 'kicked
out' along with yau. If you wind up
languishing in a prison cell due to
a .phony trumped-up .charge I will
wre yau a consoling letter now.
and then. There are a lot of things
and people of real importance and
interest in the real universe around us." -- R.L.M.

"Your coverage of the affairs of
Phoenix, Etc., is excellent. The
name-calling by certain parties reppvrted bir_you to have been printed
~n the Ability papers' serves to
further enturbulate the new 'sciences and therapies'. Certainly it
is hard en.. ' for many people to
get through t it daily round without be branded 'psychotic' by
p le they have came to consider
asriends and allies through past
association, merely because he
tcrs they read- have interest
ho :s culiar titles.
"` -- namecalling would seem to
fall under the heading of 'Dysergir'
in Coulter's parlance. 'Synergy
The ABED, June, 1955
neers' would seem to have a duty to
take such measures as would reduce
the effects of such ' lows-toned' beha lour, These intern family
feuds serve Only to distract attent ion from moore important leaned as
the continuing hysteria over- 'Communism' . racial se tion in the
Southern schools. c vil liberties.
automation_ as a threat -- to labor,crime . juvenile del, ingaeznw the;
murder on the highways. dope addie
tion on the increase , and mair other evils. "'Shen more newsletters could
deal with the new theories on lumen
behaviour such as the - theo - of
s of strategy. McGrew-Hill has
nought out several books, on- the
subject. one !The Compleat Strateg rst n J. D. Williams, is a primer for beginners. This book ebles us togdefine 'optimum' clearly
for the first time. Price $4.75, is
well worth it. I predict those who
look into Genie Theory will help
lead the Synergy Field (and others.
whatever they call themselves) out
of the morasses into the clear
knowledge th so earnestly seek."
—Richard Lerg, gen Jose, Cal.

"I used to think that patience
and. tolerance were the greatest of
all virtues, but now I think the
greatest is a 'sense of humor',
with which, it seems you have been
doubly blessed," -- Bev. Icy Blackman. ort WWorth, Texas.

"Your interesti and instructive articles in the Aberree , ~ iced
with your brilliant wit and fir.
have been been inspiration end a joy
and delight to me for months.
"But. alas. latelythe storm
clouds gathered, and my gay Cavilier discarded his brocades and laces. and became allergic to Mink
Coats. Old Timers cussed and discussed it, and the newly interested
turned afi, as with each pass
month the Aberree 's thunderous l
of Censure increased. and its charming whimsy and humor faded may.
"I said to 1r *self; 'Somewhere
along the Road is Scientolo~gyr, Al -
. • is has been deeply and terribly
I. -- for him to strike out so sayagely.' However if children can
play and fi and make u WITHOUT
s-eby , maybe—maybe -- Please, Alphia. let us keep our Scientology
Gee-ire like- it very much -- end
we'd like to see your old sir
elf shine again in the Aberree.

OF the Church
men have


freely, to talk

to write

their own opinions and
to counter or utter or
write upon the opinions
of others."

-- From the Creed of the
Church of Scientology.

You re too nice a guy. Alphia,
to break elicitation with,- so
please:. find enclosed herewith my
subscription for-the Aberree. Ron's
a great ply, too -- rich you two mice
guys Woald get together so we-all
wad be -happy agasi
"So you spee A1phiai, it uli:;vary
necessary -- to revitalize A.R.C.: in
our own awareness of Being...
"And while. _ rest assured, MY
coat isn't Mink—it's Swirrel."—
Mae -J. Paquette , New Fork, N.Y.

"I see by your latest Aberree
that yau have heard of the latest
$5.000 deed note to .be signed by
auditors.. but have you heard of the
$25,000 one to be signed by training doctors? I got one , in case I
should ever decide to apply to
train, and I suppose h shall always
keel) it as a souvenir. since I have
no intention of signing and returning it... Of course, I could be excommunicated for suggesting that
ane at the Hal could be capable
orfy any action even vaguely approaching i,rrespons ib ii; it. , but...
"To me , the above mentioned Ability (Major) is absolutely fantastic. Seldom have I seen the ambition to control the populace in
thought word , and deed so baldly
e A,ressed• I don't think that the
I has such chance of success in
following such a of icy , but Ron is
t shrewd enc= „ in his estimaiion -of the mw people in general
operate to have a chao e , auri I for
one don't want to see such a poll.
succeed. I still reserve my right
to be wrong as hell if I so choose.
-"I have-heard the opinion expressed that the, malcontents in
SCientology might figure out a sue-.
cessful method of presenting it to
the public. and -foal that there may
be some merit there. I feel , hairever, that I can do more to spread
the ideolo of Scientology around
if I don't try to do it overtly. To
be an overt Scientologist seems to
me to give it too such importance.
I cia accomplish more ina few minutes of ccaiversatioa and questioning than I cm in a formal audit'
session in most instances. I th
that most accditors are familiar
with this phmommm -- the 'preclear' doesn't have his being arndited circuit on -- he's not on. d.
and will look at what you ~ct
his attention to instead of watching you and waiting for you to'do'
whatever 'doing it' is.
'The last Ability, h crever, lays
down the line that Scientologists
are going to 'do it' to everybody,
since they have the information and
the ability to do it, No more of
this 'getting thoss to do it'. Scientologists know best, and by God.
everybody WILt, do the way they
ought to. I resent an ral
rInnci les and in particular Scientology principles being told