Volume 2, Issue 3, page 12

char your "File Clerk", ifyou. searched
deeply enough into the right en ram. Doc.
tors and psychiatrists-.-espec ally the
latter -- were ignoramuses who had. only
one goal: the collection of a 14rge fee.

As Dianetics "progressed" into Scientology, the ministers of Ail* various'
creeds and religions have been ".'proven"guilty of teaching error, of 4iisleading
their frightened "victims" alona the path.
of ignorance and control. Other"ologies"
have been painted in the blacicest langcage, and their followers damned as'few
have been damned by one so gifted of

Within the last few months, we have
entered the third echelon, when even Dianeticists and Scientologists -- .for some
small real or fancied grievance -- also can
be damned, excommunicated, and even labeled criminals for daring to express
disagreement with each control. policy as
it emanates from Phoenix. Because some
object to signing $8,000 and $25,000 pay-.
on-demand notes for the right to practice
what they've already paid $1,300 to $1,800
for, they are given bushy tails'and pointed ears, and "loyal" Scientologists are
threatened with similar ostracism if they
dare associate with a "squirrel" or read
a "wildcat" publication. Even the use of
techniques that six months ago were
June, 1955
ftguaranteed" to "save the human race" can
bring_shame, ridicule, and public banishpent under any one of-ten categories.

Just because Jeremiah Hofstadivitch
anda few others narrow their sphere. of
operations to two dirty spots-between two
walls,: and, . to thew, A .A=A= , there is nodeed for us to follow in their steps. If
we.like Dianetics, or Scientology, or a
new car, we need not -- condemn ' all -just
because there- are those behind , the-good
who do-not - come - up- to- the levels one
might expect if they followed their own
teachings. It has been an adage of an.
tiquity that the shoemaker goes- without
shoes and the baker goes without bread --
but this does not mean the populace need
go barefoot or hungry.

We can only use what we think is good,
and study .that which we think is bad;
maybe some day, that which we today think
good we'll consider bad and that which we
now consider bad we'll be willing to accept as good. But in the meantime, we
neither should condemn nor permit ourselves to feel condemned, no matter how
much "altitude" those who condemn us may
think they're entitled to.
-Those who choose to follow a narrow
path -- ANY narrow path -- are missing much
beauty in the other 359 degrees of their

An effort to put Scientology to work in industry
has been launched by the
Church of Scientology in
Michigan, according to a
letter from Ernest Wirick,

On May 3. Wirick reports, the Scientology Industrial Communicators Association was formulated.

Plans are to offer industry
in the Detroit area a twomonth package deal, unconditiona:liy guaranteeing a
10 percent or more rise in
efficiency of their management personnel who will be
given group processing.

This group processing -- two
hours a day, five days a
week -- will sell for $2,000
a month per auditor, Wirick