Volume 2, Issue 3, page 11

The ABERREE, June, 1955 11
Is It the r9 ornventE
disgusted. As he stood looking at the thin cloud of
F. smoke rising from under the
floorboard of his car, he
wondered how he'd tell Janet
that there'd be a new drain
on their savings for repairs
to this ancestral relic.

Seven times in two months he'd winced
at the garage bill for this chugging monstrosity. There'd been a new set of rings
and a valve grinding job; then, on the
way home, his best tire had collapsed and
he'd been talked into a complete new set.

Almost before the ink was dry on his
check for the tires, aa. unexpeeto&f "reese
took its toll of the radiator and cooling
system. A broken crankshaft, new bearings, a dead battery -- rapidly he enumerated the various items until dollar signs
danced before his eyes. Now, this smoke
probably meant a burned out clutch.

Removing the ignition key and slamming
the car door shut, Jeremiah stalked guiltily into the house.
"More trouble?" Janet met him near the
door, and he wondered if she'd been spying. He nodded, sullenly.
"I told you," she began. "That old
car's been a financial drag for years.

Had you listened to me..."
"I'm listening," he snarled.
"O. K. Why don't you call Bill and
accept his offer of a trade-in on a new
Dodge? He said..."
"I don't like'Bill," he growled. "He
goes to the -wrong church