Volume 2, Issue 3, page 8

the Purpose of this .tiood chopping,' I will
do it! And as he chops wood, he begins
to realize that the sun is beneficial to
him, the deep-breathing caused by the exercise is filling him with energy, and
the exercise is building his body's
strength. Meditating upon this, he gradgains understanding of the sun's action upon all living things, 'the secret
of rana in deep breathing, and the
r of the'chopping puts him in rhythm
with all life, until his whole body achieves a oneness with nature and life, arad
he becomes a magician.

The other son goes out, and half-heartedly starts chopping, but thinks to himself that this is a miserly way the Father has of disclosing his magical secrets,
and maybe he isn't so magical after all,
and that the woodstack isn't inexhaustible but depends upon someone having to
labor to'_restock it once in a while, and
that he'and his brother are being made
"fall-guys". Because, after all, logic
would tell anybody, that any truly magical
woodpile doesn't need adding to, :and why
should his Father ask him to do what was
unnecessary? He decides he'll crawl into
a shed and snooze awhile and see what
happens. Father is away and can't see
what he is : doing, so if, the woodpile is
magical, whether he works or not won't
show, and he.can day he worked, and learn
the magic from his Father anyhow.

Comes a c old might, and snow, and the
logs from the inexhaustible woodpile are
thrown upon the fire, and the Father and
the first son are warm and cozy.- .But the
second son huddles close to the fire, and
_complains that he is cold, as he shivers
and shakes. His lack of Sun and the underworked lungs and muscles have weakened
him. He decides he has really been taken
and that the magical woodpile is an illusion and the-fire an illusid which, if
this is so, there is really no heat there.

No wonder he's cold! They're trying to
freeze him, that's what they're doing.

Here he is suffering, and no one cares.

He sneezes and whimpers.

The Father and the other son look at
him with compassion, and the son who
worked goes out and brings in the-logs
he'd chopped.and places them on the fire.

As the real logs began smoking and-burning, they put out some real heat for the
freezing son, and gradually he begins to
thaw out. And as he thaws, he starts to
reconsider, and realizes that his brother
must have been learning some magic, or he
couldn't have been warm and comfortable
from, the fire of the magical logs. This
makes him angry, and he accuses the FathJune, 1955

er of showing favoritism by teaching his
brother magic while he, himself, had been
taught none!
The Father, knowing the second son had
been disobedient, said nothing, but gestured for his first son to explain.

And the first son explains carefully
to his brother that it wasn't the chop
Diaz. Ism. lat. Itm pepe.
that was the Purpose (although in furnishing logs that would warn his brother,
he had done a useful thing), but the sun,
air, and activity that had graduaAy led
him into an awareness of the magical re'
ality underlying all the physical world,
since he had the blueprint of magic inside.

The second brother is left with a free
choice. He can begin Wit, or at any time
he chooses to begin to earn his magical
insight for himself, or he ,can cling to
his old pattern of suspicion and there,inter, . w
physioal, world, for his survival,. ; cause
of this pattern of doubt and resentment
already established within himself, this
untrue notion of his that he could be
"taught magic" without having to move a
finger, and his disobedience and slyness,
these things, too, would have to be overcome in the act of earning- his right to
"magic". It looked like a lot of logs needed
chopping. And what dial he do upon learning all this? Take a good look at the
world. Being immortal, are we raising
Cain? Are we still resenting and.attemptto destroyy our immortal Ables? But,
be immortal guess who is suffering?
:. Now, put this entire.mock.-up ina larger setting. See the Thetan making the
rounds, the days (physical existence,
living here, working) 'and nights (sleep
of death, rest, integration of the day's
labor) and consider his future. For, after he discovers the underlying reality
hidden-behind the physical structure his
wood-chopping days are over, and he is in
a position to start exploring the hidden
realms, and perhaps, in his magical theta-chopping there, to discover hidden in
that realm an even more intriguing realm
to grow towards, infinitely more entranc !
t us inquire then* What would be' the
"magical equivalent" of Sun, Fresh Air,
and Exercise? We've been told so many
times that the very words have lost their
ability to interest us. We've. stopped
asking ourselves what WYE, ':ENLARGEMENT
OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and UNDERSTANDING really . We think, because we have labels
for them tucked away in our neat little
computers -- classified items neatly filed
as X. Y, and Z -- that that's it. We never
ask ourselves what they might encompass?
But -- are YOU a skinny, under-developed