Volume 2, Issue 3, page 7

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THIS "expanding" univer er. FERENT' STORY! !
l- have been at. odds.. with the
mock-up- of- .the -Thetan . as a
_Know-All (-forgotten :it-onpurpose) mortal. Immortal,
yes, . but "Know.-all" not He
can-even be a "know-plenty",
.but not a "know-all" in my
mock-up. For, if the universe itself is
expanding',.why doesn't the Thetan keep in
step with .a little possibility of expansion himself? .

What goes on here, among the Thetans?
Is this merely a play.-yard for Thetans,
who hide knowingness from themselves, because look how boring it would be if they
sat around in their knowingness? This
theory pre-supposes a limit and a deadend of "knowingness".

Putting a cosmic microscope over the
Thetan's supposed "knowingness", we might
be led to discover an odd thing. Maybe
his "knowingness" is just a blueprint,
and here he has been calling it a fullblown house, grounds, society, and world
without taking the effort to transform
the blueprint into reality. An architect
might "mock-it-up" as being already so,
but I wouldn't try to live in it and expect hot and cold running water, a roof
aver my head, and all the conveniences of
home if the blueprint never got off the
architect's drawing board!
Let's look at the muscle-building ads:
"I was a skinny weakling until..."
Fell, the skinny weakling had all the
potentials necessary to became a sleek,
well-muscled .specimen. The potentials
were there, all right, but until he indulged in some necessary activity, they
were only potentials, and an unused blue.
print of strength. So, could the weakling
do the weight-lifting that the muscle-man
easily did? Not by a long shot, until...

Consider now: Many of us have reached
the end of OBJECTIVE DEVELOPMENT. We. have
no inclination to be muscle-men, even if
it does take only 15 minutes a day, 'for
this reason: Muscles, themselves, are a
limited goal! Just seeing that there is
a "dead-end" to physical development of
the body makes the goal uninteresting.

That is not what we want.

But some THETA-MUSCLES! THAT'S A DIF- We've had some Directors for the de
velopment of Theta-muscles around, now
and then, and they have left plenty of
instruction-courses and furnished-us with
some theta-muscle building 'devices, but,
as always, it's up.to the Thetan to decide whether-he wants to take the direct
course, or just depend. on environment and
experience to keep his theta-muscles
toned up.

Back of the Directors is a Creative
Force (which furnished the blueprint in
the first place for us all) -which wisely
saw to it that we got some exercise, and
theta-muscle development- sheerly in the
course of living, whether we realized we
were being crystallized into reality from
the blueprints or not.

In this "course of living" the Purpose
was for well-being and development of potentials, so this course required. that
for survival we engage in certain theta-.
building activities. These activities require ACTION, and somehow, in the process, the activities got mislabeled by
us-, and we began regarding them as "work
pain, and suffering because we had lost
sight of the Purpose and the action in
itself seemed purposeless.

When living seems purposeless, one resents, reneges, and loafs along, doing as
little as possible. On the surface it
seems so much easier, but in the depths,
it is . much more painful and u atisfatory. Our theta-muscles get weak and-lazy
themselves, it seems that we-are in a rut
(which we are, of our own doing), everything seems routine and boring (because
in doing as little as we can get away
with we repeat ourselves), and we agree
on all sorts of untruths which our blueprint tells us (should we bother to consuit it) are trivia, and will have to be
cleared away eventually.
ite are in the position now, manyaof
us, of the sons in a little fable I ve
cooked up:
There lives a Father, who is a magician. He has two sons, who also wish to
become magicians. The Father promises
that the sons may become magicians, and
sends them out to chop wood, although he
has a magical wood-pile which is inexhaustible.

He tells them that he has a purpose in
doing this, and that the "action in itself". is the secret of becoming a magician.

One son goes out saying, if that is