Volume 2, Issue 3, page 6

The AHERREE, June, 1955
Lets Carrie Go Co
It should be thoroughly
understood, that no true explanation of the "facts of
life" is possible if the
explanation is complete.

The reason for this is that
the explanation will automatically lead the explainer into contradicting himself. The more complete the
explanation the more complete the contradiction.

However it is possible to
cover various facets of the
facts of life as long as a
complete explanation is

A basie trait of a human
being is that he has some.
thing called TIME. It is
this thing called TIME that
allows a game to go on. As
pointed out previously, a
body has no past and no future and only exists in the
MEST universe in a single
instant of MEST present
time. A Thetan also has no
past and no future but, he
does have the ability to
make any amount or any part
of MEST universe time, his
present time. Thus the
present time of the Thetan
can be a million years, a
day, or a single instant of
MEST universe time.

In order to keep this
short and avoid contradic-.
tions and confusions, we
will postulate that a human
being called.Joe has chow
sell, as a Thetan, to have
the present lifetime of-his
present body 60 years, as.
his present time. But Joe
is playing the game and
claims he is the body. Now
we begin to see how Joe as
a composite Thetan-Body
As we predicted when
he offered the article
on the Master Reference
Mock-up to us, and which
we used in last month's
ABA, Roby LaMarche
really set off some
fireworks. And in anticipation of those
fireworks, Roby sent us
the accompanying "explanation" on "Time".

To clarify or further confuse the issue,
we offer our own definition of time: "Something we never have enough of".

L. Ron Hubbard defines "Time" as " Change
of the position of particles in space," and
"Space" as "A viewpoint
of dimension". So, there
you are. We hope history will record that
we've settled the matter for all t -- . (We
started to say "Time")
for all "change of the
location of particles
in a viewpoint of dimension". And if we
didn't, none can accuse
us of not having tried.
called a human being can
have a past and a future.

Joe can get himself a past
and future out of two
present times, by using the
present time available to
the. body -- a split second of
NEST time -- -as a point. from
which to view his present
time as a Thetan -- 60 years.

From. here on, gentle
reader of The ABERfEE, you
and you alone will have to
carry the ball. The endless
ramifications, speculations, and postulates inherent in the above set-up can
never be evaluated for you
by anyone.

Twenty tons of perspiration are reported lost annual in futile hunts for
the t dutchman mine in

Most people are afraid
of a .35,' and most veen
mortally dread 40.

Half of the things -Confucius said weren't said by

,The H.A.S.I. will not
acquire the "$6,0O0,O00.0O"
desert estate, not evqn if
the cost is "cut" to 1 /20th
of that sum.

There will be new techniques offered at the June
Congress, and ex-communication for those in the future using techniques now
n uaranteed" to get results.
:Uncle Sam's tax boys
will be looking over a lot
of returns and lack of re.
turns in the next few

AlrA large western. organization -will join the growing of those who use
-c entology with a less explosive label.

More A-bomb tests and
more bad weather may be expected.The GHOST may stir itse f from its long nap (no
"ier" suffix and no capital
letters), and if it does!!!
Eventually, a study of
Scientology and a study of
Spanish will go hand-inhand.