The Message That Got Reversed

The Message That Got Reversed


IF IT is true
There is such a thing as religion,
And if it is true that
Somebody lives on the Other Side
Out of this world,
in another world
That we never see,
And if it is true
That they look over at us now and then
To see what we are doing,
You can guess
They will want to let us know
That they are over there
So we will not feel so hopeless
When we are down and out
And have nowhere to turn for help
On our own side of the world.

"Abraham, #`•,tell'. thy' `people And the part. •thiat.,.s~ .t t.

There is such a ttt;sprs-a tht r, ~ws , , tt r , , , '.

~., thin as re- + We ari, Iot ,, 6 gaang • tR. hurt
`, '1' iin That ,sgl.rL Ua1.folces are th m~' , •~• ,
•4g , •still,` f r`• -~ +~,, •8

ti , .+.. i May . have .be4n • cHan ed to
;dad if It is o e.e the" dire :- '
ti •true, that ,one ar two • `rds
Sbee ' ' ., lives ; "x n -xis. •not. po tant) , S ~h as' • ra r
An t ,t^m .,,:., • ~~ . g kina,

~~ on ~.r.~, *Other ~ r ., .. • .ti •- ~~• + Abid th ~ ~ .~ • ~,

.~i ~, ., We , az .~• ~ i'i g , to hur ,. ~ 11 this had
••O t of 'his wb ld theo ~r •.h.' reached,:Lhe people
In another horl '•'' .~,' .,~. s' ow : ;' And had" bye +' asked around
Tnat we neves ~e : • .
• +-.': - ~' he la ,/art' ~t '-the mom'- It would .hire changed still
And if it is True • . , .... .

That they lo,;'~r a'E• trs. `•s,••.y;••~..r•'`y, •}•, , ` ..mpr•:
t Woul have ; tS be there as, Unt1~.•F i~ ; mesaa a would
now ana then ~ ~ g

To see what we Vie` doing = r'eassuranae • `:• ',;.,..'have' ad:

'• , Be use the human race' r•' - tt .

You can uses ~, M ' r ' T'elh, thein to spread the
Theyy will want o 1~e us ` `haq always %en f rightened •, , • :' .
knave to ath ` • ' new around
rS~"}i ' .Th64aod is kind and good, "
That they, are over there,:,,-..._Of. anything,, that i strbng,,.~~
So we will not f eel, d a ' • ne t& •tao be : .~ ,ho eless •'A A w "`:', asstired ,bf , ood intr.-~'1 aw vu can see
When we are down and out'' g ' Y
. • ~" '- When you are asked
To spread it around
That anyone is good,
And have nowhere to turn Fir e- ample' t t •
for help We in the if.S.A.

On our oWn side of the Ate much more afraid of . `the
world a ;' Chinese +now R ;f ; You are being asked to hon.

Then in the yeais papt ; or and praise him
They would let us know, $e~cause' they are,stro er Because that is what praise
For our own benefit, now, .~ ~~ and honor mean
That they exist over there, An we :fear the ssiane i As you will find
And we humans, being the N because we ' nk th If ou look for the meanwa we are , y y
y ,ar dad ~. ; ; ings in a dictionary
Would have to be reminded t ecause we aloe o ~~ ~vntinuousl ov®r and ~ ~' ~, g ~ Or anywhere else,
y ~ ~ ~r~,nced And the message then reads ,
over 'I~e~r are as strong as ~;~. ~
That their Other World is • ) By the time it has been
still thereq gow the messa a was sas` passed down to us
Informing the human race g 3 In the year 1955,
once or twice or three ' and simple enough ,~ eve
times : But.1.f you think i od commands rybod
Would not be enough %It,went throu h to Abraham; To praise and glorify Him.

Nor an here near enou h Wi hout an ch es r
Yw g ~ Which is approximately the
~ y ~a ~ or'` n'

Since ,~e forget Reba ning as it w s igi direct a osite
And misunderstand and argue ~,,~, c sed, : PP
And decide we don't need to You ad better guess a ain! Of what it was meant to be
know anything Abraham wauld have rea the When it was composed on thhe
That is not found in the message ; ; Other Side
According to his own e et- And sent across to Abraham,
ierce ' And it gives us,
If that is the situation And dnderstood it accord- The 20th Century brothers
You can guess ink to his awn per*vial- of Abraham,
That some time, back in the it ~; Ahalf-comical, half-repuldays of Abraham, ' o ed to the' human •
The decided to send one of Whig bel g i ,, live picture
r oft the world
hess reminders across t '~, Ofa vain, omp ous God sitAnd :were different froze the h above us
the line, ~ ~ tinngg hig ,
e ,e eriences and person- tomaandi that we who are
So tv sp ak, 'aliti s on the Oth r too sure of our own
o somebod or bo not, t
T Y ~ dY ~ Sides '. osltion
Who was able to receive
The idea' ex~ressed the G arif the one who by now,
such things , P , by ~ y ~ by
For example, to Abraham, r' words,x `M Should be far above vanity
n who had iven a ood " • n `%and raise.

A ma g r Sp~.rZtua~ forbes ~ ~ h~s is the onl th
bit of thou ht r aken' a a f erent .- But.,, t Y ing
g , ~~ have t ~ ~M,,r
To such out-of-this-world form to expect
matters. In Abraham's min ai`d% frame Fro a ess - : e whi h has
cut: Go r ehovah or teen cia e: aroun
The mesasga ma have been ~~ A Until it re~e backwardsp
o e hi lie third Lord,
smt rag
world on our side.