Answer to 'Present Time' Is in 'the Silence'

Answer to 'Present Time' Is in 'the Silence'

by Philip Friedman

RON HUBBARD relates an experiment in which the individt ual inmates in -psychiatric wards were simply commanded "Come to present time". Two percent of them recovered immediately.

Dianetics has shown the world what degree we are living in the past; that is, re-enacting aberrative past events. But the present is made up of all that has . happened before and is that out of which all will come in the future. This pin-point_ present is the Zero point in time, which, paradoxically, is now here and no where, both written with identical letters. If -ore could live 100% in the present he would be Omnipresent, meaning All-.nothing -- Present -- the ever and the never.

A statement to be true must have an opposite statement, equally true.

So -- Life begins at Zero. Where life begins there God IS.

Zero defined is zero designed. It. cannot be fathomed or conceived -- only experienced and lived.

Zero is that which is left when everything knowable is taken away. This is the Absolute Zero wrought by the repulsion of likes, i.e.., division and subtraction.

Zero is also that which is formed when everything knowable is brought together. This is the Infinite Zero, wrought by the attraction of opposites, i.e., focalization and addition.

The knowable is anything that is noable, i.e., zero-able. 'Zero, the NothingAll, the God State, is unknowable because it is already no-ed. The knowable is also the now-able or that which can be resolved into the present.

The K in the word "know" shows the process. It is. composed of I. C. which is J. C. which is Jesus' the Christed, whose mundane body was no-ed and crossed out, after which he received his raising into Eternity, which is the Entirety of the Now. The word "Now" means the no-way. Now and new are synonymous. A magnifying glass, which is also a reducing glass, can catch the sun's rays and focus or reduce them to a zero point and there generate fire. This is the power of the fire which is Nothing and yet All. So also all the colors of the spectrum whenfocused to a point will be neutralized and become none of the colors and all of the colors. Uranium at absolute zero