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More than 200 pages of notes from lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard to students of the Clinical Course. These cover theory, dozens of new processes not available outside the classroom, and the exact patter for several hours of group processes. Only 100 copies are being printed, and they will not be available for from five to six weeks. Advance orders now being taken. Per copy ..... $6.00

SUPPLEMENTARY DOCTORATE COURSE NOTES--54 pages of data covering 18 hours of lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard before the London School early in 1953. Some consider these the most important theta clearing lectures Dr. Hubbard ever gave. Per copy ..... $1.00

SCRUB OAKS--A novel of love, hate, and intrigue in a small Oklahoma oil town. A picture of an American phase that is disappearing before the onrush of paved roads and centralization. Cloth bound. 332 pages. Per copy, only ..... 2.50


(All Orders Subject to Previous Sale. If books are not available, money will be refunded.)

HEAL YOURSELF--Dealing with the man-made problem of illness--and how the healing power of God can be utilized through right thinking. (Only 2 copies left). Per copy ..... $3.00

KNOW YOUR OWN MIND--By Harold Sherman. An invitation to use your God consciousness for improving your "intuition", your extra-sensory faculties, and your beingness. (Only one copy left). Per copy ..... $3.00

YOU LIVE AFTER DEATH--By Harold Sherman. This book seeks to answer one of man's basic problems--what happens to him when

he "dies" (Only two copies left.) Per copy ..... $2.75

SELF-ANALYSIS, by L. Ron Hubbard. Original paper-backed edition. By substituting mock-ups when it calls for incidents, this book is as modern as later editions. (Only two left.) Each ... $1.00

PROFESSIONAL COURSE BOOKLETS--Richard deMille (D. Folgere)--Only a few left of these booklets that once were the basis of professional training. Each 25 ¢

No. 4 ... 1 copy

No. 5 ... 1 copy

No. 6 ... 1 copy

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No. 18 ... 1 copy

No. 19 ... 2 copies

No. 27 ... 1 copy

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