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Duplicate Congress Is Held In New York

A four-day conference, starting in New York on February 4, and duplicating the material given in Phoenix in December, was...

Whoops! Sorry, but our appointed reporter, after attending the conference, was unable to communicate. Maybe more next month, if his condition improves.

'Ghost' Won't Be Same In New Winding Sheet

The GHOST, according to the January 15 issue, is to abandon its mimeographed dress and -- like the ABILITY published in Phoenix, go offset. Also, Clem says, he plans to issue two 8- to 12-page issues a month. That is...

He plans on doing all this as quickly as he gets his processing down on tapes so that each student and pre-clear can "be run flat" on his own initiative with a minimum of time and supervision from the auditor and/or instructor.

One policy adopted by Clem's school at Orlando, Fla. -- a policy which other so-called training centers might investigate -- is the processing of students until their own cases are up to the point they can get more good from their studies. This processing, Clem says, will be enforced even if it takes TWELVE WEEKS!

Sometimes it gets so bad over there that those over there write an entire essay on how bad it is for those over there to point out how bad it is over there.

California Bulletin Offers New Plan for Wider Communication

An effort to solve the communication problem in the field of Dianetics and Scientology has been undertaken by the California Association of Dianetic Auditors, and according to L.O. Anderson, editor of the C.A.D.A. BULLETIN and originator of the plan, is meeting with considerable success.

The BULLETIN, Anderson explains, has a program of printing material validating Dianetics and Scientology, articles explaining Hubbard's work, or work related to it, local news, and letters from readers. Its policy is to avoid deliberate entheta, but tries to grant beingness to all viewpoints.

Non-members of the C.A.D.A. receive the monthly BULLETINS only as long as they communicate with the magazine at least once each three months. Even inactive readers are asked to write a card or letter admitting their inactivity if they wish to keep receiving the magazine. Otherwise, they are removed from the mailing list as "deadwood".

Although there is no subscription price to the C.A.D.A. BULLETINS, cost of publishing each issue is published and readers are invited to help share these costs on a contributing basis.

There are 18 editors, sub-editors, assistant editors, and just plain assistants listed on the BULLETIN's editorial board, but it is explained that their large salaries are not part of the expenses BULLETIN readers are asked to help share.

The C.A.D.A. BULLETIN is Published at 301 South Harvard, Los Angeles 5, Calif.

Auditing Stressed at Enid Conference

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conference. L. Ron. Hubbard's new book, "Dianetics 1955", was the basis for most of the processing.

The conference opened in the East Lounge of the Hotel Youngblood Saturday afternoon, with Norman Fritz as chairman. After each delegate had introduced him- or herself, Norman opened the program with a short session on "Body Awareness". This was followed by John Burch, illustrating two-way communication, and contacting MEST and putting up spots in space. Alphia Hart led the group in "Reach and Withdraw", and the balance of the afternoon session was by Norman, using Volume Two of the Group Auditor's Handbook.

After a two-hour dinner break, the group returned to the hotel, where they were paired off into co-auditing teams for the evening. A two-page mimeoed sheet, outlining the Six Basic Processes, prepared by Warren Collins from "Dianetics, 1955", was given each person to use as a set pattern for these sessions. Although no one was limited to the use of the processes described on these sheets, the simplicity of instructions was designed to bolster the confidence of beginning auditors who might be awed in the presence of those with more training.

Sunday morning services were conducted by Hart, who used for his theme the infiniteness of man with God and all matter. It was brought out, in a short discussion, that Scientologists, too, can be guilty of the very thing they condemn -- narrowness of viewpoint -- in refusing to grant beingness to other religions, faiths, philosophies,