Dear Editor (continued)

convince [illegible] unscientific mind? [illegible] just conjecture from the [illegible] of L.R.H.?

"I suggest you run a series of articles on the following lines: Start at the beginning and scientifically give us facts, which indicate or prove conclusions... In reading the works of L.R. H., although one may agree that most of what he says about other religions, etc., is tame -- - if any person like myself tries to get at the real truth about these matters, all that really happens is that we get an invitation to pay some sort of high fee to take some kind of course... I wrote to the British branch some time ago, asking for actual details to be published of cases of people recalling past lives. I was told that they are only interested in 'techniques' for improving mankind.

"By what process (if any) were the conclusions reached about the eight dynamics? How about a little explanation of the Logics and Axioms? I do not think they are very clear to most people. How about a little explanation of how they were arrived at?... There is an entire lack of anything tangible to make Scientology convincing to anybody who is not caught in a wave of faith in L.R.H. and this is not just because the ideas are unusual and startling, for many people are ready to believe that there must be some extraordinarily different explanation of this universe than the

more conventional ideas founded on superstition..."

"The fact that you remain in many ways so 1oyal to Scientology is more convincing that there is 'something in it' than testimony by people with a fanatical belief. It is to people such as you that outsiders must turn for the real truth..." -- E. T. Vanner, London, England.

"Since Clem Johnson's tone came up a little, it seems, we don't have a handy target to get mad at us and to be mad it in return. Too bad. We should have SOMETHING to be frustrated about, don't you think? Anybody else want to volunteer to take Clem's place? An interesting game we play, isn't it?" -- Don Maier, Albany, Ga.

"In Dianetics and Scientology we have been presented with the instrumentalities of peace on earth. There will now be a short pause while the peacemakers wage war on the subject of how peace shall be made, because those who value talk above action fear the way in which headquarters is trying to be responsible for Dianetics and Scientology.

"Thanks, Alphia, for being, having and doing whatever it is you're being, having and doing. May you continue to desire, inhibit and enforce your energy, time and space with increasing affinity, reality and communicatlon. A well-mended fence is easier to sit on than the space between two stools. Editors usually sit too much; hope you're the exception." -- Doug Simcoe, Hsbd, Fthr, Rdr, Thkr, Torrance, Calif.

"We have found the 'Aberree' a delightful paper, and hope it continues to fill the need of 'aberrated' people everywhere, as well as any 'clears' too lazy to extend themselves.

"The group here has been meeting three times a week -- Tuesday and Friday evenings for adults, Sunday afternoons are for the kids. The number varies, but occasionally we run short of coffee cups (an unpardonable sin among Dianaticists and Scientologists), of which we must have well nigh a quarter-hundred.

"What's this about your departures from the CECS? Don't you know that the CECS cannot be wrong, and that everything done by Barrett and Steves is in very best interest of Dianetics-Scientology? Also, that the HAS-I auditors are the world's best, and that there are several operating thetans on the staff, too? You ought to know better than to disagree with that!

"We wish you luck on the coming Mid-West Convention." -- Jerry Knowlton, Chicago, Ill.

"REMOVE MY NAME FROM YOUR SUCKER LIST..." -- Rosalie Goehler, Phillipsburg, Mo.

"It is with pleasure that I began reading the 'Aberree'.

"The back issues that I received are delightful. There is a definite place for the 'Aberree' in our society. Each line of endeavor and thought should have a medium by which the people in that particular line are informed of the activities of the others. Usually there is a journal published by the central organization of each such group. But when the published journal is nothing more than a propaganda and advertising sheet for the products for sale, then it is necessary to look to some other publication.

"Preferably, one like the 'Aberree', full of humor and a great many stuffed-shirt deflaters along with the drier news items.

"I had thought that another publication from down in Florida would do this also, but it seems that it has been lost by the wayside due to 'indecision' ...

"Thanks for the #26 in the INFINITES. I feel that I have made the grade, now. (Don't let LRH know that you have this very effective method of making a one-shot clear.)" -- Harold Snell, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

"I hereby apply for membership in the Infinites and the underground organization you are forming. What with the goatee and all, I now refer to you as the Trotzky of Scientology. Just watch out for the man with the pick-axe." -- Dave Oysewski, Spokane, Wash.

"I wish to present you with another degree... I refer, of course, to the Past Master's Degree in the GOOFs (Gorblimey Order of Flatterers). You stuff in my zine that I hadn't put into it!...

"I am rather inclined to go along with your boy Cysewski in his belief that the recent ruckus was by way of experiment, but I went along with the gag because (1) I didn't went to queer the pitch and (2) I enjoy a good fight as well as

Learning Love

Celina, Tenn.

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