Blooms & Barbs


By Tido Churchill

PHOENIX, Ariz., 8 Feb.

The word "unification", which was used to describe the December Conference in Phoenix, also fits other activities going on here at the present time. A new publication called "Ability", under the editorship of John Sanborn, now combines the previous "Journal of Scientology" and the "Dianetics Bulletins". A preview of issue No. 1, due to be mailed this week, reveals that "Ability"-- at least in its maiden copy--has relinquished little, if any, of the abundant advertising found in former HASI publications.

To be combined also in the near future, under one roof, are the several buildings now being used by the HASI as offices, training quarters, and processing rooms. The one exception will probably be the Church of Scientology at 403 East Roosevelt. The new headquarters will occupy what is now a large guest lodge, which is in the process of being remodeled and renovated. The new quarters are in the same vicinity as present HASI anchor points. Your reporter sincerely hopes that upon completion, this extensive enterprise will be better able to withstand the alterisness that has beset so many previous mock-ups. And she further hopes that the MEST front will be adequate to meet the expectancy level of all the faithful who will make the pilgrimage to Phoenix.

Freddie Sutton and Vernon (Chubby) Crank, of Scientology Consultants, returned recently from San Francisco where they completed arrangements for the first branch office of Scientology Consultants; Crank will open and direct this office in the near future. Emphasis will be placed on introducing Scientology into business and industry in the Bay Area. Several processing commitments were successfully fulfilled during the course of their visit. Freddie Sutton and Bob Churchill will continue in the Phoenix office.

Independent auditors, such as Scientology Consultants, seem to be making their presence felt in Phoenix. Five hours of free individual processing, to be done by Clinical Course students, was offered to all interested persons recently by the HASI. More recently, a half-price intensive ($250) was announced by the HASI. This also was to be done by student auditors of the Clinical Course. No data is available to your reporter as to the number of takers.

The first intrepid pair of missionaries from the Church of Scientology, John and Tucker Farrell, fared forth the other day to Puget Sound where they will found a mission in Seattle. Upon completion of this assignment, they will go to Australia to conduct a conference of the HASI, probably in the early part of May. All blooms and no barbs to the Farrells.

Recent "vacationers" from the HASI staff include: Dale Kathary and Bob Nichols.

Ron continues to give his Wednesday evening free public lecture, including an hour of group processing. The lecture is now being advertised in the daily newspaper, and increased attendance has necessitated a move to the Monroe School Auditorium. Individual processing by Ron before a TV camera is a recent innovation at the Clinical Course, which enables students to observe "the maestro" in action without the pre-clear's being hindered by the observation.

A large advertisement, sponsored by the Church of Christ, appeared in the local paper, challenging "instantaneous" healing, and offering $1,000 reward for proof of same. We are informed that LRH intends to reply to this at his public lecture tomorrow night (February 9). A very large turnout seems indicated.

"Non-MEST communication processing" is under investigation by Ron and his experimental auditors; startling results are expected, and we will report on this in the next issue.

A bloom to Carl Harr and Lorraine Haldeman for the opening of a new Scientology Center last month in Portland. Best wishes for a successful future.

Wonder what's happened to the CECS? We hope.

Scientology Consultants

4025 N. 24th Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Professlinal Processing of Individuals, Groups, Business and Industrial Personnel.

Freddie D. Sutton
V. Carroll Crank
Robert M. Churchill

Information on request.
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