Thetan, Accepting All As Truth, Falls Prey to Ills (continued) | Students To Watch Hubbard Audit On Television Screen

person wants to do -- just allow the person the right.

I was running a preclear once who felt it her duty to warn a friend that she had a dress she thought other people might make fun of. She felt she would be causing the girl to be embarrassed in public if she didn't tell her about it.

You pick that up with: "How would this other girl feel if you told her about it? ... And how would that make you feel?... Now, how would your feeling that way make her feel?... And how would that make you feel?... All right, now how would you feel if you knew she liked the dress? ... How would that make her feel?... And how does she feel about it? ... And how do you feel about it?" Getting them in the end to allow this other person to wear the dress, because, after all, there are a lot of other people's considerations besides mine -- whether I like it or not, other people might. Allow her the right to wear the dress if SHE likes it -- not interfere because I think SOMEONE ELSE might criticise it.

In allowing the other fellow to be right at all times FOR HIMSELF, you're allowing yourself to be right FOR YOU at that particular moment. No one ever is wrong -- no matter what they do, it's right for that person at that particular moment.

The thing that got us into trouble was our considering that the other fellow, being right, made me wrong if he thought opposite to what I thought -- but this isn't so. His idea of right is right for him now. Mine is right for me now. And each allows the other to change, even within the next few seconds. We may or may not say so -- but for each of us, what we do right now is right for each of us at the particular moment we do it. In that way, the other fellow cannot invalidate you, and you cannot invalidate him.

Another thing is running the thetan versus the body. "How do you feel about the situation? ... Now, how does the body feel about it?... All right, how do you feel about the body? ... How does the body feel about you?... How do you feel about the way the body feels about you?... How does your body feel about the may you feel about the body? ... What'd happen to you if you liked the body?... What would happen to the body if you liked it?... What does the body want from you? ... And what do you want from the body?... Could you control the body better if you had affinity for it?... Would it like that?... Would you like that? ... Would you like the consideration the body has now?... How does the body feel about that? ... And how do you feel about the way the body feels?"

You can ask these questions without limit. Anything that comes up -- and however you want to handle it -- feel your way as you go. As you can see, it is a technique where the auditor has to LOOK every second of the time. He must know what his pre-clear is doing. He must be on his toes and keep the pre-clear making considerations.

And that's all there is to it -- keep your pre-clear moving all the time, and don't let him have a com. lag.

You can fill short columns many ways. This is one.


Would you like to see yourself on television?

If this is one of your suppressed desires, you need suffer frustration no longer. In Phoenix, they have it all arranged for your debut.

How? Very simple. First you break down the barrier of having L. Ron Hubbard audit you in his office. This auditing (according to the latest advice from Phoenix) is all televised -- and not in mock-up, either. They have, or will have, T-V cameras and everything.

Then, when your auditor tells you to BE three feet behind your head, you go a bit farther and BE in front of the big screen in the classroom, where all the students can watch Rev. Ron audit your body. For the students, it's a demonstration of HOW TO AUDIT. For you, it's the attainment of a goal -- and even if you don't come out of the session an operating thetan, yo may be able to recommend yourself -- after the sneak-review -- for a T-V job that will make you rich and famous.

This system of T-V'ing Dr. Ron's sessions replaces former monitoring installations, in which two-way speakers into auditing rooms permitted Dr. Hubbard to check up on the auditing techniques of his students and auditors -- as was used in the Camden school. Now, instead of Dr. Ron watching the students, it'll be the students watching Dr. Ron. Plus you -- you lucky "star".

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