Consonants Are Soul Mates, and Vowels the Soul (continued)

vowels: a, e, i, o, u, w, and y -- all of which are interchangeable. Note from the following how the essential meaning, the Essene essence, of S N always remains the same, I.E. -- the nascent positive expression from a center point.

Whereas, Son is a nascent positive expression from a mother center, Sin is father sent. Sun is from a solar focus. Soon is from the zero point of present time. Sane is from the brain. Sign is from the hand -- the signature. Sine is the positive relationship of the vertical element in trigonometry.

Noose is that still tied umbilically. Nose and its Latin Naso and its Scotch Nese are expressed from the face. News is the first of happenings. Ense or Ens means additional -- on the plus side. Nesia is a suffix -- an addition, as in Indonesia. Suan pan is a Chinese adding machine. Sino means Chinese -- a prolific race for adding sons. Sown is to have scattered or expressed one's seed.

San is Sin in Greece. Syn is sin and means to be with. Sin is son in Polish. Sen-sen, in Egyptian, means to fraternize, another word for "to be with" and manifest the positive. Sen-sen is the name of a breath perfume which positively helps the opposite sexes to be with one another. Sinai was the mount with God, and expressed the first Commandment. Seen is the birth of an expression of light. Swain is a youth or a boy, and Swoon is what can happen when present with a female. Swan is symbolic of an expression of poetry and grace, floating in the watery mother fluid. Soniou, in Brittany, also expresses love songs and poetry.

Sayon is a garb of war -- by way of positive action -- the beginning of a malefactor. Sinew and Swine, both positively incline. Sain is to make a sign of a cross -- to heal -- to bless -- to be beneficent. Seine is a vertical hanging net -- vertical is positive. Sina or Senna is a physic drug that goes down and through -- mainly manly. Sani means sound and healthy -- creative.

Naus is a ship tossed up at sea like a foetus on the amniotic waters and Nausea is to toss up, or express, one's food. Anise and Anis mean unequal -- dissimilar -- which describes the positive reaction from the negative mother. The Anise herb expels a positive aroma. Ensue is to follow -- to come out of. Anus is the end point of the expressive posterior alimentary canal. Aenous means like red brass -- red is a positive expression of color. Eosin is a rose-red dye.

The name Enos means man or through. Aenous, Oeneus, Eneas, Inuus, Auson, Iaseon, and Usan are male names of Kings and Deities. Oasean is like an oasis -- an expression of life out of a desert. Onus is a charge -- a duty -- a service -- a giving-off function. 0ons expresses exclamation.

Unease and uneasy describe the restlessness of the sperm and the son to be born. Unsay is to renounce -- to go back to zero -- renunciation -- rebirth. Unsee, to fail to see, is birth's blindness. Unwise is the son's lack of wisdom, or true knowledge. Unuse is a leaving unused, a throwing off, an expression. Usine is a factory -- a creative medium expressing goods.

Insee is the same masculine action in relation to light -- to see into. Insea is to enclose or mingle with the negative mother sea. Ins are ramifications -- rams are males -- certain positive peculiarities of manifestation.

So it seems that the consonants in words are soul mates and the vowels the soul. Because God made man like Himself, we have the Latin Homo meaning man and also meaning like. From the Hebrew we get Ish also meaning man and like. From Egypt we derive Ape, again signifying both man and like. "Gods and mortals from one source have sprung." Man is a mean, is a God.

Before building the Tower of Babel, we all babbled alike.

For most persons, it takes a library of books from which they attain to knowledge. However, many men were inspired to greatness by only one book. A few others obtained the light from a lone chapter, and fewer still from a single sentence from a sage. It is an approach to genius to get it from a word. To Omar Khayyam, "a single letter were the clue".

Paradoxically, for those who can know all from a point and know a point from all, there always will be more to it. The mark of zero is a strange language. If you don't get the point, you don't get the meaning.

Ten pounds of ash from burned ermine has the same market value as 10 pounds of ash from burned burlap -- Devil's Sage Box.