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None of us on this planet has reached a state of knowingness where we can accept one ideology and say, with complete assurance, "This is It!" Therefore, it behooves us to read what others think, and say--others striving toward the same goals toward which we are striving.

Here are listed some current books in which you'll find new ideas--freshly expressed. Provide for yourself a broader path by reading one or more of them today.

HEAL YOURSELF--Dealing with the man-made problem of illness--and how the healing power of God can be utilized through right thinking...... $3.00

KNOW YOUR OWN MIND, by Harold Sherman. An invitation to use your God-consciousness for improving your "intuition", your extra-sensory faculties, and your beingness..... $3.00

YOU LIVE AFTER DEATH, by Harold Sherman. This book seeks to answer one of man's basic problems--what happens when he dies ..... $2.75.

THE HIDDEN BIBLE, by William Leary. Many Biblical secrets were hidden behind a code. What are those secrets? And what is that code? ..... $5.00

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SCRUB OAKS, novel of life in a small oil town, by Alphia Hart ... 332 page and cloth bound ... printed to sell for $3.50. Now ..... $2.50

This can be included in the list of books in the next column to bring your order up to $10 or over, or you can buy SCRUB OAKS and get a year's subscription to The ABERREE, both for ..... $4.00

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