Dear Editor (continued)

outside the Hubbard office from writing anything on Scientology, for what author is likely to spend time and effort on books if such books could be snatched from his ownership and transferred to other parties? Fortunately, there is no law under which this can be done.

"In my case at least, the attempt of CECS to rule by confiscation was a complete failure. I pointed out to Steves that it was well established that anyone may write a book on any subject, that authorization had been obtained from L. Ron Hubbard under a royalty agreement for use of quotations from his material in my 'Elementary Scientology Series', and that books which do not incorporate direct quotations of previously copyrighted material are not subject to monopolized control; hence we have 'Introduction to Scientology' by Richard deMille, 'Seven Steps to Better Living', by Bannister and Wood, and that others undoubtedly would follow.

"I continued: 'The rank and file decide by their purchases whether they believe any published work will be an aid to their study of a subject. I see no way by which you can prevent interested authors from making their own contributions to Scientology, nor by which you can prevent students of Scientology from purchasing and reading such volumes if they so desire. This, Mr. Steves, is a free country! We do not desire thought-control, or action control in any form... I am not interested in professional membership in any organization which imposes as a condition of membership arbitrary restrictions upon the actions of a member, and which deprives or attempts to deprive members of their own property.'

"When do you think HASI, in its day-to-day conduct, will start living up to the high ethical standards implied in the basic teachings of Scientology?" -- Mark L. Gallert, Los Angeles, Calif.

"Thanks to you and your staff for the sample copy of 'The Aberree'. Having just finished reading a communication from Phoenix in which the following appeared, 'It is the full and forthright intention of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation to occupy, own and control any authoritative or controlling positions affecting mental practice in the United States', and being able to recognize the next step of controlling the thinking of all citizens of same states thanks to the Aberree, I put my shooting irons aside, knowing the law of growth , which is that Nature by one name or another always manages to deflate a swelled ego... I would be honored indeed if you would send me a card that I may be identified with 'The Infinites'." -- Louise Mock, Santa Ana, Cal.

"How would I ever know what was going on if I didn't read your paper?" -- Dorothy Woodgate, Houston, Tex.

"Most of the characters I have known have posed as Gods and turned out to be Devils. I have finally met one who is posing as the Devil -- so I have my fingers crossed." -- Philip Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"Though you never requested my permission to survive, I hereby give you such permission...

"Since I'm only a stinking little theta-clear (not yet an OpThetan), thus cannot pervade and be, I must rely on the old standbys of communication. 'Nothing -- something -- something -- nothing.' This is my purpose in subscribing to Aberree. Now that HA$I Journal is busy trying to run out Authority all over the map... the Aberree is the only trustworthy (?) source of news left...

"Incidentally... it appears they don't even have a category for me and, believe me, I weep nightly contemplating my categoryless existence. Do you suppose they put me in category 16, and, since I am already dead and cannot be reborn, it would be a waste of time and money (especially the latter) to inform me of that fact?" -- David A. Westlake, Boston, Mass.

"Received issues 1 to 6. It is just what the Doctor ordered." -- Dr. Juan A. Vincenty, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

"After reading the last Aberree, I took about a week examining my present time attitudes. The upshot of this examination was that I changed my payment policy to straight donations, made a decision that we needed more money before we could ever operate successfully here in Detroit, and decided that I would have to get out and find me a job. As I am not about to give up Scientology for a full time job, this posed a problem that is, to this moment, not resolved...

"We need an organization of Sciehtologists which can operate on a group level as we know a group should be able to operate ... All of us who have accepted Scientology as a way of life and livelihood have taken over ownership of Scientology -- not in the sense that 'IT'S MINE', but rather in the sense that 'IT'S OURS'. Unless we are completely cockeyed, this is the only manner in which Scientology can be owned.

"From your Auditorial, you seem to urge a return to the initial principles of Dianetics, (A poor man's psychiatry). Well, I doubt if any return is possible, but I'm also of the opinion that that principle has not changed in the minds of most of the Auditors in the field. All we actually need is for each of us to reevaluate the situation in the light of present tine and present time techniques. From the letters in your paper alone, the whole field seems stirred up on this control factor. This could