Dear Editor (continued)

tax or punishment for being happy..." -- Joe Zubris, Dorchester, Mass.

"I knew you had it in you to write a novel but it was pretty hard to admit that it (SCRUB OAKS) had actually been printed on a mimeograph. Believe me, I understand the great satisfaction that it was to both of you to do such a job..." -- George Petersen, Phoenix.

"Ever since I read your last edition of the Aberree, I have been considering what you wrote about Scientology, Sables, and Cadillacs.

"I must agree that you are right in the main and in general. However, there is a point I think perhaps you missed, maybe deliberately, for your purposes. It is this:

"For four years Scientology has been teaching certain things. It is trying to make the able more able, for one thing. Now, after four years, those who have been studying and working, sincerely that is, should be pretty high-toned individuals. If they are not, where does the responsibility lie? Superior people usually have superior bank rolls. Perhaps these costly moves Ron is making are deliberate to weed out the chaff. I know from personal experience that few pigs will leave their comfortable wallows.

"I'm being deliberately blunt because I know that youu can't make a person better, he must want to first, and it is amazing how few will even accept the simplest innovations. They want to keep their sympathy-getting ills and their handy control mechanisms. They want to blame. It's easier than getting out and doing something about it.

"To take the sting out of some of these words, consider your editorial. If you really believe what you wrote, which I do, then you must also be aware of the above and (you devil) just like to stir up controversy. Well, that's O. K. by me. I do, too, sometimes.

Who doesn't -- just for fun.

"I'll go all the way with you on the concept of us being immortal and knowing it's all a game, and it'll all come out in the wash sooner or later anyway. Because, after four years, since ASTOUNDING started this furor, I've been in up to my neck and have changed completely. There is very little left of the opinionated, loud-mouthed, self-centered, hypocrite that I once was. Thank God for that and Scientology and MYSELF. I still play the game, but now my eyes are open, and I make the rules, not complain about them.

"If I sound picky in this letter, don't get me wrong. I feel very affectionate toward that naughty voice, The Aberree, and don't want to miss a single issue. But everyone and his brother was sounding off and I wanted to get my two cents in, too.

"I would like to know how some others feel about Scientology's new gilt-edge policy. Just for fun, because I'm still 'POOR' myself." -- Pauline C. Nauha, East Weymouth, Mass.

"Dear Ghost: A couple of months ago, you published a couple lines of a letter of mine wherein I called Theosophy a Holy Cow. I was a little mixed up. I had read an article, in an obscure publication, which attacked Theosophy with considerable bitterness.

"I have since read more on the subject, and having learned what a really wise philosophy it is, I feel that I should apologize to those who may subscribe to the tenets of Theosophy -- the Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society." -- Herman Budzilek, Bridgeport, Conn.

"The (HASI's) distortion of organizational policy to suit promotional desires reached a new high in a letter I received in December from Richard Steves, President of CECS. I had voluntarily relinquished my professional membership in HASI, in protest against what I considered to be dictatorial and unfair policies announced in recent months, and in sending in that resignation, I reminded HASI that I had never received the B. Scn. Certificate which I had earned.

"What do you suppose Steves wrote in reply? On Dec. 10 he stated 'Upon checking through our files I have come across your name as one of those to whom we owe a certificate.. The HASI has for some time operated on the policy that all materials of Scientology be the property of HASI. You were the author of a couple of books on the subject. Therefore, I would like you to sign these over to the HASI. Upon receipt of your letter stating this as your desire, we wil1 issue to you the certificate you have so earned. We, as you well know, need men of your capability in our organization.' (Signed Richard F. Steves, CECS.)

"In other words, Alphia, they were holding up my certificate in the effort to force me to transfer my property rights to HASI, without compensation!... What is one supposed to think of an organization that would stoop to such tactics? Clearly, they are trying to prevent anyone


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