Dear Editor (continued)

interesting. Just goes to show what can happen with some of the data brought out through therapy, and how charged up you can get. Shooting sparks. Wow! I've shot sparks at times but haven't melted any pliers.

"As to scientology wearing a sable coat, how true. It is getting too expensive to keep up with prime publications, and with the ban on use of the E-meter and techniques without proper membership donation, it looks like I'll have to find an authorized member to sell my electronic ouija board (E-Meter to squares) to, and go back to the wooden board as in pre-dianetic days. I wonder if an ouija board might not prove superior.

"Eureka! I have the answer to those outside the fold. Mark up the floor as upon an ouija board, sit the pre-clear on a tricycle blindfolded and let him run around the room. The letters he passes over the most would be the clue to his problem and the only way that he could communicate efficiently would be to exteriorize and direct the body to ride over letters spelling out data. The auditor would direct the thetan to spell out words and those not complied with or misspelled would indicate a charge. The exercise would keep the pre-clear in shape and present time simultaneously.

"If the pre-clear is too low toned, have him walk the floor and stand on particular letters at random choice, the auditor noting the letters avoided. This would give an assessment. Then direct the pre-clear until all letters were accepted without a time lag. Then go to the blindfold and tricycle. This technique is superior to walking to two diametrically opposite sides of the room as it is more random and would interest the thetan immensely... This technique is offered freely...

"This is a 'natural' as an official modus operandi for 'The Ancient and Honorable Order of Infinites'. I feel that it should be adopted as such. A ballot amongst Card-holding Infinites can make it official -- each Card Holder having one vote apiece, and non-Card holders would have to designate their split-infinitives' vote by declaring the fraction they declare themselves to be; all the fractions added together could be recognized to the nearest unit, and be added to the ballot.

"As to the theta-MEST problem or theory as presented by Hubbard and hammered around by many fine thetans who think they are clear, have they considered the simple answer that the MEST universe was created as an exile from Arslycus or other places, and that the thetans, finding themselves exiled, started to create a home universe of their own? They succeeded and were very happy, but the old home universe authorities were not. These exiles must not enjoy their banishment -- it invalidated them. So, agents were sent in every so often to foul things up so that we must suffer in our exile. We have fun, but like the hill-billies, we have to watch out for the revenuers who come around to slap on a

AUDITOR -- "Now, go to the girl on the north wall, get her color, temperature of her lips, skin texture, etc."

"I've just made another Great Contribution to Dianetic auditing. This concerns the hypnotic elements of 'duplication'.

"As your cartoon depicted so clearly, it's an auditor's 'spin' technique. The auditor, without first finding out whether the pre-clear can handle this technique, sits and smogs up the atmosphere while looping the pre-clear. I'll bet that 99 percent of the people who looked at that cartoon took it to be an attack on Hubbard's technique rather than a very revealing testament on how no technique -- not even one as good as '30' -- can escape that kind of an auditor's mishandling.

"So, here's a suggestion. Instead of a spot on each wall, you locate a good looking dame on each side of the room ... As this proceeds, I noticed that from repeated handling the objects get warmer and warmer. Same thing is postulated to take place in this new variation of mine, which will help keep the pre-clear awake, too.

"Natch, you can't use a femme that doesn't like the pre-clear's type, and vice versa, but for the sake of color variation, weight difference, and temperature, it's recommended that you use a brunette-blonde, or blonde-red head, or red head-brunette, combination, rather than two brunettes, etc." -- Bob Arentz, Salt Lake City, Utah.