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PHOENIX, Ariz. Jan. 10

The Dianetic-Scientology Unification Congress held at the Little Theatre in Phoenix on Dec. 28-31 was attended by an estimated 200 persons.

A very capable job as director was done by Burke Belknap, who, unfortunately, had a birthday, and as a consequence, all his announcements were accompanied by the audience singing "Happy Birthday to You". His mother was recognized as being a distinguished visitor all the way from Peru.

Ministers of the Church of Scientology were introduced and made an impressive showing, the men wearing charcoal colored suits with the medallion of the Church on a purple ribbon around the neck. The women were wearing black skirts and white blouses with smaller insignias of the Church pinned to their blouses. The HASI staff was introduced, as were the Clinical Course and H.C.P. students. The seminar leaders, who did a very good job but were somehow overlooked, were Freddy Sutton, Julia Lewis, Tam Otteson, Jack Horner, and Bob Nichols.

A new technique consisting of having the audience repeat "O.K., Mama", until it turned into a chant, gave

birth to a new song. Your reporter mentioned to Warren Amster, during a break, that the rhythm brought out a terrific urge to start a Conga line. This reminded Warren of the more recent Mambo craze and from this evolved a new song entitled, "0. K., Mama Mambo". From here it was put into the hands of: Jene Hobel and "Chubby" Crank who called in other experts, such as Bob Nichols, Dick Steves, and Steve Huffstetter. By the evening session this creation, complete with necessary instruments and atmosphere, was presented as a surprise to Ron and a very receptive audience. It was repeated at the New Year's Eve party to an even more receptive audience.

Another highlight was when Ron quite unexpectedly and convincingly demonstrated his much talked of .45 one-shot technique by brandishing his revolver and shooting a blank into the floor. A mass exteriorization took place.

A discussion at a seminar meeting by John McCormick about the work he is doing with his group in San Diego created so much interest that a breakfast meeting was arranged for New Year's Day for anyone who already had or was interested in starting a group.

The Road Show, consisting of Lee Burgess, Margaret Scholtz, Tam and Ted Otteson, was given a big hand for the good work they are doing in the field and for being a validation to Scientology.

Jack Horner, who has completed two successful clinical courses in London, arrived to attend the Congress and then departed to conduct a Scientology Congress in London on Feb. 16.

Among others introduced to the group were Nile and Mary Adams, Bud Eubank, Ann Sharp, Ray Kemp from England, Tom Maxwell, Janet Hayes, Peggy Conway, Jim

Struckmeyer, Wing and Smokey Angel, Toni Savant as the youngest auditor, the two Hubbard children, Jim Pinkham (with and without witch doctor's head), and Alphia Hart, who, I might add, received the biggest hand of all. (Ed. Note--Well, Tido, that's better than getting the biggest foot.)

The New Year's Eve party was held at the Maricopa Inn in Mesa. The results of the two-way communication processing was in evidence and the tone of the group was high, in some cases, very high. Ron was awarded a certificate of Dean of Scientology, a certificate lost in Wichita by Mary Sue was returned, Toni Savant received her H.C.A. and Janet Hayes was awarded something, but we are not quite clear on this. An auction of the tapes Ron used to dictate DIANETICS, 1955, was conducted by Burke, and were acquired by Peggy Conway, after some spirited bidding, for $355.

On New Year's Day an Open House was held at the offices of Freddy Sutton, Bob Churchill, and Vernon Crank, all Clinical Course graduates. Quite a crowd attended, and inspected the large reception and auditing room, plus two other smaller rooms to be used as private offices. This is the only office in Phoenix operating independently of the H.A.S.I.

The 9th Clinical Course started on January 3, and another will follow Feb. 3.

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This is to announce the opening of a suite of offices at 4025 N. 24th St., Phoenix, by




Group and Individual Processing.