"Artist" Is Creating a New Civilization

"Artist" Is Creating a New Civilization

Those Who Become Emotional About Hubbard Should Follow Advice He Gave Long Ago...

Says Dave Cysewski

IT IS with constant interest that I observe the organizational activities of those people who identify with Dianetics and Scientology. Of equal interest is the reaction from the period of identification of those individuals who leave the fold, voluntarily or otherwise.

Because of this interest of mine, and because I learned somehow long ago that one need not identify with organizations to add to the functions they claim to perform, it has been possible to see a definite pattern in the four-year organizational dance of the People of Hubbard.

Some place back there thousands of tape feet ago, Hubbard made one of those delightfully candid and prophetic remarks which have endeared him forever to me. He said: "...and some day, you'll have to run Hubbard out." The content of the aside was, I think, a discussion of the process of running out people in the past to whom the preclear had assigned control out of admiration, etc.

I would propose that these people who defend Hubbard and the H.A.S.I. and those people who are attacking him and it, or are "hurt" by it, or are maddened by it or his actions, or are doing anything emotional in relationship to Hubbard or his organizations, have simply not made that final step of running him out of their banks. I further propose that the mark of one who has is unmistakable, for he is one who is laughing with Hubbard at it--or some few who, with Hubbard, admire it.

Every man who has ever worked from the creative motion has experienced the process of identification with the form of his creation. Painters, poets, novelists, architects (all artists, for that matter) continue to create and grow in the degree that they can let the forms they made yesterday be chewed by the twin jackals Criticism and Praise, without forgetting that the form is yesterday and creating is an act of now toward the future. An artist has to eat. So, he copyrights his form and lets the jackals snarl and howl. The louder the noise, the better he eats. But he'd better keep out of it.

Now, to me, the one called Hubbard is an artist. The materials he uses are the organisms known as homo sapiens. His canvas is the planet, and the form he is creating is a new civilization. There are other such social artists working on this planet. These are working with a new generation and have the task of demonstrating the ways for a generation of homo-saps to move as a species from where they are into creative motion and species harmony. It is an axiom of social artistry, as with any other, that one must work with the materials at hand. And homo-sap has some rather rigid organizational patterns that need to be run out one way or another. Now, what better way to do this than to do as Hubbard has done? Teach principles of life in social form by actually setting up demonstrations on a small scale of the known group patterns. Demonstrations which can be lived through in a few short months from beginning to end so that those who can or will look will learn to work in creative motion toward the future without making the mistake of starting once useful and now useless cycles of social behavior.

Whether Hubbard realizes it or not, he has done just that. Several times in the past, I've thought, "Well, he finally fell into his own trap", only to see him rise above the form he created to move forward to teach another lesson in action. He has demonstrated the lesson of organizational dependency and the permission to survive. He is demonstrating now the lesson of authoritarianism with all the trimmings. That he is doing this consciously is probable. One must know patterns to demonstrate them. One must identify with patterns to dramatize them. But consciously or not, dramatized or demonstrated, Hubbard has taught more people faster the principles of life function in group organizations than anyone in history.

Because of these lessons, there is an increasing consciousness in this generation of the advantages of open communication and the resultant harmony and co-operation of the species.

There is a grand opportunity in this time for the artist in all men to manifest. All those working from the creative motion are in harmony with one another, no matter what noises the jackals make about the apparent contradictions of form.

With each passing day--with each demonstration and/or dramatization of pattern--more people start looking; more people, having looked, start laughing; and others, having looked and laughed long enough, join the unlabeled crews who are creating a new civilization of man.