Thinking is Reaction, not Creation

Thinking is Reaction, not Creation

Cross Your I's and Dot Your T's, If You Want to Turn Off Your Thoughts

By Philip Friedman

AN EXERCISE to X your eyes:


Breathe very slowly. Drop your jaw.

Look down.

Relaxing the jaw turns off the emotions. Looking down, eyes closed, is a method of turning off your thoughts. Whereas everything in existence, i.e., in exteriorization, i.e., in materialization is a result of thought, and whereas, observing said result as being less than desirable, be it therefore behooving to perish the thought.

"I think, therefore I am."

A pair of horseshoe magnets, when placed together so the positive and negative poles are in union, NEVER DIES. This is the realm of permanence, i.e., prominence, i.e., pre-eminence. That which never dies is in paradise. Immortality is immateriality. Eternity is entirety.

The right eye is positive, the left eye is negative. To bring them into union is akin to the horseshoe magnets. Let your eye be single. The more distant the object we look at, the more parallel and double the eyes. The closer to the spot directly in the center of the forehead between the eyes that one can focus, the more single the eyes are, i.e., the more in union. X your eyes. Look cross-eyed and cross-pollinate them. Look down on the bridge of your nose and cross over.

The first manifestation out of nothing is always I good, i.e., the good face, i.e., the boniface, i.e., the beneficent -- so it is beneficial to turn off all activity and automatically let the ben be born. Truth, Simplicity, Freedom, and Beauty are first born. Be still and NO that I AM, i.e., NO thyself.

Thoughts are not creation but reaction and are second hand to all the past.

Sowing thoughts upon thoughts will reap anxiety. Thoughts give you a headache. You ought to tie them up in a naught, that is a not, that is a knot. Your head is tired with thoughts. Remove the tire that binds and tread the path anew. Trade, in thoughts, causes a tirade in you. It has been tried and found wanting. 'Tis too red.

Witness the whiteness of the focal point. There is your solubility, i.e., Sol ability, i.e., sole ability, i.e., soul ability. Be the salt, i.e., the salute; not the absolute which is absence, but the nascence which is all there.

The greatest rate of growth is at the moment of creation, i.e., at the focal point in time and space, which is Presence in the Present.

Aristotle brought in the Age of Reason. His punishment fits the crime. Be right even for the wrong reason. The first hunch is the right hunch.

Shed the guilt complex by being innocence, i.e., in nascence, i.e., in newness, i.e., in turn off. Hear, speak, see, THINK no evil. Evil is everything out of Eve's Box, i.e., everything in materialization.

Live effortless. Turn off and Let There Be. The first born is positive, is the son, is the ben, is the good. The adult is a dolt, is adulterated, and practices adultery.

Live the non-directive life. Perish the thought and do not direct your destiny, i.e., your density. Direction is dire action. Be always the first born ben being. Be always the first fruits. Begin, i.e., BEING, i.e., a by-product of zero.

The Greek letter T is Theta, or tau, meaning thought. Focus it to a point. So, cross your I's and dot your T's.

It is not only good for the eyes, it is good for you.