Your Ills Are Products Only of Your Thinking! (continued)

said, "The only way out is through"! That is true! But we must accept what we must go through before we can consider that we have it. A human being who is not willing to accept the condition he is in as of today is not going to get better. He will change some of his ideas. He will shift some of his somatics around. And he will change. But until he is willing to sit down, look at himself, and say: "Look, I know that I cannot do these, those, and the other things", -- and know in his own certainty that he is not a top-level person, he will never be able to get well, or change his condition. He must recognize with certainty the condition he is in, the condition the universe is in, the condition his MEST property is in. Until one accepts the need for something to be changed, altered, or bettered about themselves, why should they ever change, alter, or better anything about themselves?

In processing, you look at your preclear when he walks into the room, and you know that this individual should be able to start, change, stop all particles at will. Those are motions. Before that, he should be able to create. After that, he should be able to destroy. When a human being can create, start, change, stop, and destroy all particles at will, he no longer is afraid of anything. He will be completely free. That person will be able and willing to create faster than he destroys -- not the other way around. Too many preclears want only to destroy, to get even with someone.

To get a preclear to where he can know, to where he can look, and to where he can do anything at will, you process him toward that goal.

First, you find out what his problem is. Ask him what would happen if he didn't have it, because you know that's the condition he should be in; he shouldn't have the problem.

And that's the technique. That's the theory. And that's all there is to it.

This is not strictly Scientology, as Scientology has been used, or as Scientology is. This is the theory of life -- what it can be like, what it has been like, and what it is like -- and the way out. This is a complete way out for any individual, in any condition, who can talk. Even if he's below that, try and get into communication with him via feeling, touching, any other perceptic. Take hold of their hand, look at them, give them affinity, a feeling of well-beingness.

When you accept a preclear, know that the ONLY thing that was EVER wrong with him was his considerations. Can we say: "Mother was to blame"? No, the preclear only CONSIDERED Mother was to blame.

Every thing that every human being is doing today, he is doing for a reason! He considers that he has a reason. And the preclear's problem today is that he has misplaced that reason somewhere in time and space.

Counter-considerations, to me, as of now -- in the amount of use to which I have put this theory -- is of topmost importance. The only reason you ever want to justify things you do is because someone else wanted to know about it. What the other person thinks about you isn't important; it's what you consider the other person is thinking about you, and the amount of importance you give it. It isn't counter-emotion, counter-effort, counter-thought, or counter-anything, except counter-considerations. The other fellow is throwing thoughts at you? O.K. They're not going to bother you unless you consider they can, or permit them to.

I have found that the only thing necessary to tell the preclear before you start processing him (and this analyzes the technique and the theory behind it in one flat phrase): "We try to ask questions in any direction that will allow you to look at your present time considerations and decide whether you want to change them or not". That"s all there is to it.

Each and every human being knows what he thinks, that he has a mind, and we don't care from WHERE he thinks, or where he thinks his mind is.

As for communication lags, the first answer your preclear gets usually is the truth. I do not wait for a com. lag, because the com. lag answer would not be true anyway. Ron has said, over and over: "The longer the com. lag, the less true the statement when you get it." So, why wait for something that isn't true, that you're not going to accept anyway?

I ask an individual: "What would you like to do?" If they sit there without answering for more than 30 seconds, I'd say, "Would it be to create something?" "Would it be something you could do on Earth?", "Would you like to grow things?" When you mention the thing in which the preclear is interested, he will brighten up, and you will know what it is. You'll have the truth.

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