Your Ills Are Products Only of Your Thinking!

Man's "Considerations" Got Him into His Present Mess -- And Will Get Him Back Out

Your Ills Are Products Only of Your Thinking!

IT SEEMS that I've always known a great deal about the thought side of mankind -- but never have been able to give much consideration to the MEST side -- effort, emotion, energies, and things like that. So, in my processing, I always used the thought side of life and living, along with the strictly mechanical processes, for what successes I did achieve.

Not until the latter part of April, 1954, did I take a look at man as he really is. This gave me a dichotomy -- and having a dichotomy, I had a workable solution -- a way in which to describe a theory.

Apparently, in the beginning, a thetan could know. He didn't even consider why or how he knew, because there was no reason to know how or why he knew. He KNEW HE KNEW -- and that was all -- until counter-considerations came into being.

And there we have the cycle: knowing; knowing one can make a consideration; considering one can consider; and finally considering things. Which is where you'll find any preclear -- considering things -- who can walk into your room, or even up to a case that can float into your room. Even a case that can't walk into your room -- who lies in bed, but can talk about anything inside or outside the room, or even merely say "Hello" -- is a preclear because he's considering things. If he knows that a glass is on his bedside table, he has considered the fact the glass is there. From that degree up to where he knows he knows, he considers. Knowing this, and using it as a technique, you have a solution to any case level.

The theory behind this is the fact that the preclear, the individual, knows everything. He doesn't know that he knows it, but he didn't forget how to know; he didn't consider that he couldn't know. I have found this proven to my satisfaction with preclear after preclear. But he only considered specific things, thereby NOT considering that he still knew. If he considered that he couldn't remember something, then it would be necessary to pick up the consideration of remembering the thing and breaking that through before he could remember it. That is NOT the case. If you take a preclear and process him on his considerations about walls, about tables, about his hands or his feet or his eyes, you will find that that preclear will get quite psychic. You will start telling them something and they will know the end of what you intend to say. You have not run a thing on his ability to know, but he does know. The consideration that he is considering some thing is breaking his consideration down to a very narrow route. Each and every thing he considers he can consider takes his attention away from other things. To him, after awhile, these other things do not exist -- not because he considered they do not exist, but because he is busy concentrating on other things existing. (I hope this is a little clearer than mud.)

I suppose you could run a preclear on being psychic -- what would happen to him if he was psychic, and things like that.

In this processing, when I looked at mankind and saw the condition he's in now, I knew the route he took to get there. And that is exactly the route you take to get back out. How many times Ron has

About the Author

PEARL HENNICK, D. D., has been in Dianetics and Scientology since Book One, and before she moved to Phoenix, was active in group activities in San Diego, Calif. She is a graduate of the Third Clinical Unit, and attended many of the lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard to the later Clinical Units. She is married to Carroll Hennick, a fellow graduate of the Third Clinical Course.