Dianetics Abandons Ills And Engrams As Goal Of Processing, Second Enid Conference On Feb. 12-13

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Dianetics, as a psychotherapy, is no more. Instead, it was announced non-surprisingly at the "Unification Congress" held in Phoenix December 28-31, that Dianetics, like Scientology, henceforth will concern itself only with the study and understanding of man.

"Unification", or the adoption by Dianetics of the goals and aims of Scientology, took up only the first few minutes of the opening lecture. From then on, emphasis, both in lectures and in group auditing, was on the value of two-way communication, especially between the auditor and his pre-clear.

Although no exact figures were given out, it was estimated that about 200--including students and members of the HASI staff--enrolled for the Congress. This is slightly larger than attendance at the June Congress.

Some of the talks were given by Ron, but the majority were by Dr. Hubbard.

In outlining the future scope of Dianetics, Hubbard traced the reception given

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Second Enid Conference On Feb. 12-13

The second Mid-western Conference on Dianetics and Scientology will be held in Enid on Saturday and Sunday, February 12 and 13, Norman Fritz, chairman, has announced.

Emphasis will be placed on processing, both group and individual, with only a small part of the program allotted to discussions.

Several persons who attended the "Unification Congress" in Phoenix in December will be present to discuss the lectures and group processing of L. Ron Hubbard. This should bring persons in this area who were unable to attend the Phoenix Congress up-to-date on the dovetailing of Dianetics and Scientology.

The conference, as was

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