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After a successful 115-day trip from Peru to Samoa on a raft, William Willis, 61, credited his feat to "mind over matter". He even proved you can drink sea water, he said; that's all he had and he "Just didn't worry about it".

However, Roy Bergo, 50, of Edmonds, Wash., got only 12 miles in his attempt to make a cramped 1200-mile voyage to Alaska in a baby's bathtub. The motor balked.

Two London mothers, told after five weeks the hospital had mixed their babies, objected to an exchange. However, after they'd been talked into a 24-hour "trial switch", they decided to make the trade permanent.

To the artist-mother, it was a prank to offer her 8-year-old daughter's painting for exhibit at one of London's swank shows. But when the mother's own work was rejected, and the child's picture placed alongside that of many British name artists, it wasn't very funny. Especially to the Gallery judges.

Reports that Russia is building a space platfom to command the skies from a few thousand miles up stirred Uncle Sam into at least thinking about it -- as a war measure, of course.

Even the Milky Way can't resist a movie career. When films were made recently of the heavens from a Paris Observatory: thousands of stars never noticed before got into the act. And not the two-legged variety of "stars", either.

If you happened to pick up some eerie sounds over your radio last month, it wasn't opera. A radio station in starling-beleaguered Champaign, Ill., recorded a captive starling's distress call, and broadcast it. Residents turned their radios on, full volume. And the starlings went away.

An army of strikers, in pup tents and on cots, so successfully besieged a Nebraska plant that officials caught within were forced to use an airlift for food and mail. Even their telephone cables had been cut.

For two miles, a dog alternately loped and rested ahead of an impatient New York subway train before he could be enticed from the tracks by guards when they reached a Brooklyn station.

At Moultrie, Ga., a teenage girl got two to four years for smuggling a hacksaw blade to jail prisoners. "They said they needed the blade to saw up soup bones", she explained.


Almost before all of the November ABERKEE was in the mails, orders began pouring in for the book bargains offered on the back page. On some titles we sent out so many refund checks that our bank service charges next month probably will swamp us. However, there are a few titles left, and at these prices, you can't go wrong. Money refunded if the books you order have been previously sold.

Key to Unconscious

In Stock Title Orig. Price Our Price
2 Self-Analysis, Orig. Edit. $2.50 $1.00
1 Science of Survival., 1st Ed. 10.00 5.00
1 Handbook for Pre-clears 2.50 1.25
1 2.50 1.25
1 Prof. Crse. Booklet No. 1 "Introduction to Scientology" .85 .50
1 Prof. Crse. Booklet No. 37 "Attention Unit Running" .85 .50
2 Notes on Doctorate Course 7.50 7.50


by Alphia Hart


How far can a man flout social standards to gain happiness for himself and the girl he loves? SCRUB OAKS is the story of a big city editor transplanted to a small town, back in the days when there were no auditors to help -- and "You can't do that" besetting his every move.

332 pages, cloth bound, each . . . . . . . $3.50

ALPHIA HART, 207 N. Washington, Enid, Okla.