One Can Know Past or Future, But Not Attain It

"Time Is an Illusion of Change of Particles" -- From a Clinical Course Lecture On Barriers

One Can Know Past Or Future, But Not Attain It

This is the second in a series of Notes taken of lectures by L. Ron Hubbard to students of the Third Clinical Course.

THE ONLY barrier that appears untappable is time.

The MEST Universe is a game consisting of barriers. This is important. When all seems lost, look at that.

When the thetan enters the MEST Universe, he begins to put up barriers, and soon thinks there are more barriers than there are. When he gets to thinking of thought barriers, he's getting down below effort.

These are specific barriers, and these are all there should be:

1st -- Space
2nd -- Energy
3rd -- Objects
4th -- Time.

The problem of livingness is an obstacle race in regard to these barriers.

We get confused by giving time direction, and to get through time we think we have to get through an area of space.

Any process that handles time is of great benefit. Just because you handle all space on a case doesn't mean you've handled all the time on a case.

Knowingness is cut down by creating space; he says he doesn't know what's out there.

An individual can be in a high state of guessingness and not be in a high state of knowingness -- and that's what happened in the East. Certainty and knowledge are the same thing.

When we have time as an obstacle, we don't have a span. Time becomes an obstacle because a person is having trouble with space. Time is not concerned by travel.

No matter what has been said before, past is not attainable, nor is the future, but one can know the past or future. Time is an illusion of change of particles.

The problem of competence is the ability to predict the position of 2-plus particles in relation to themselves. People think there's a prime particle around which all other particles position -- but this doesn't work. This also is the position that has been given God.

Individuals will conjure up a prime particle, around which they move all other particles -- prime post unposted.

A thetan could produce his own time span and own his own universe.

The undefined symbol throws language for a loop -- no one knows what time is, nor how to define it. A physicist will practically spin on the subject of time with formulas that are balderdash.

If particles stopped when they reached the speed of light -- as Einstein says -- sun light never would reach the Earth. It'd be stopped by its own infinite mass. Even a child can see this idiocy.

The Earth going around the sun are two particles which we look at to get some idea of time. We can observe that there's a tilt going on, and in addition, the Earth rotates. If you were standing in space, you'd never be able to observe these two particles and tell what time it is. We notice the sun and Earth are altering their position by the horizon. So, time acquires a viewpoint in order to see it.

Radium does a cockeyed job of measuring time by deteriorating at a certain rate of speed.

Time is always in relation to another time -- unless you know what time it is. And we walk out of the universe the second we have knowingness.

There is a galactic time with two binaries that operate for this galaxy: two stars that flicker around each other so accurately you would get a precise time -- but not by the erratic action of the sun and Earth. Even this would need a knowingness about time.

A person fighting time is worse than shadow-boxing nothing. You get down to "Time is a symbol", and there's not even