What You Validate, You Give Life To (continued)

three or four times), until the body is alive enough to permit exteriorization of the preclear.

Somatics are over-tight communication lines. If you start to identify these as past communication lines, you're done. The only thing you can validate is present time and future form.

When you get the body more alive, you just neglect the entire past of the preclear at one fell swoop.

This is a complete break with all past therapies; it's why they were relatively workable instead of completely workable. You don't validate any of the past.

Once you barricade happiness to get unhappiness, you're going to get a flow -- but they'll get less and less.

As we start this process, we begin to get him to neglect his body.

After having him find things right inside the body and outside for awhile, start having him find things right with each of the dynamics -- with certainty. For example: "Give me some things right with cats (or other animals); some things right with the universe; some things you are absolutely certain are right with God." Get all the synonyms for "right" you can find to use in running these dynamics.

The more he ransacks the past, the slower you're going to pull him out of his past.

All exteriorization processes are present time processes. A cripple in bed can find something right with his body: he can move his eyeballs from right to left, or he can breathe, etc.

Those who predict dire things are going to happen, and if you argue against them, you are giving life to things they fear. When you mock up a screen against things you don't want, you mock up the things that go in front of it.

The curse in this life is that one only tries to give goodness. The horrible thing is that if you go down the street trying to deny a filthy beggar life by setting up screens, you actually give him life. It's impossible for you to give death -- a thetan cannot kill another thetan -- and the thetan feels this is a terrible failure for him. He can destroy a form, but that's as far as he can go.

A fellow trying to conquer his enemies actually gives them life. The best you can do is to let your enemies go on being enemies. It'd be kinder to blow their brains out.

Why do people cling to life when they seem in such bad shape that it's hardly worth it? Because there's a thetan back there running the mock-up.

Use this process in groups or individually.

There are pitfalls -- and this can't be used by just anyone. THE DANGER IS TO GIVE THEM SIGNIFICANCE. Like telegrams are significant. They frighten you because they're similar to one you received once that had bad news, etc.

That's what's wrong with the preclear. He has to guard a body because a minnie ball or tomahawk may land in his skull. He's guarding from the past. Have him point to places and have him say: "I'm there." Soon the lie will show up. Have him start pretending to discover himself in various places, and saying, "I'm there".

Also, have him point to places and find outrageous things wrong with them -- find things wrong that aren't wrong. Pile it on thick.

DEMONSTRATION -- Find 3 things right with your automatic machines... find three things right in your body ... Find three things right in the environment ... In the body... In the environment... In the body... Find three things that you wouldn't change in the body ... Find 3 things in the environment you could have without bad consequences... Find 3 things a body could have without bad consequences... Find 3 things right about the building you're in... Find 3 things others could give you... Three things you could give others.... Find 3 things you could survive... Three pleasant things you'd like to know...

The only thing that can live is that which you give attention to, so if you're always looking for things that are wrong, that's all you're giving beingness to.