Notes from a Lecture, Fac One, Threatened Lawsuit


N O V E M B E R, 1 9 5 4 VOL. 1, NO. 7

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Validate It, and You Give It Beingness

(These are notes from a lecture by L. Ron Hubbard before the "Get Thee Behind Me, Thetan" unit of the Clinical Course. It is suggested that any nongraduates using these techniques intersperse the session with plenty of SELF-ANALYSIS and holding the two back corners of the room. Other lecture notes will be printed from time to time.--EDITOR.)


We have known that validation grants beingness. If you ignore something, it rarely materializes.

Granting of life to things is a slightly new track.

An individual will grant just so much beingness to entheta, and then it materializes.

It's routine that you ask a pre-clear to recall something pleasant, and after a little while, he gets swamped with unpleasant things. The trick

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"True Story" of "Fac. One" Gun Is Told

Students of Dianetics and Scientology have been well briefed on "Fac. One" and various invading forces--but where do they relate these to present time? Are those merely incidents to be dug up by those who run socalled "past lives"?

Must everything of this nature be dated millions, or trillions, of years ago? Are there invading forces at work today, moving so quietly and subtly that none of us suspects? And have these anything to do with the so-called "flying saucers", on which no two "observers" can seem to agree?

While The Editor was

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On October 2, the following letter arrived in The ABERREE office:

"Be informed that Volney Mathison is at present being sued for his patents. Your affiliation with Volney puts you on the same edge as he.

"Please reply,

(Signed) "Dr. R. F. Steves".

The letter was written on a letterhead of the International Guild of Scientologists, which, according to a bulletin dated August 9, had been reorganized into the Committee of Examination, Certification, and Services of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International. It was mailed in an H.A.S.I. envelope.

We couldn't figure it out. Neither could the Publisher. Nor the neighbor's cat which

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