Volney Offers E-Meter for Unresponsive Indian | Second Southeastern Meeting Will Be Held in Atlanta

Volney Offers E-Meter for Unresponsive Indian

Claims by two Oklahoma state officials that Indians are so "stoic" they would not react to lie detector tests have been challenged by Volney Mathison, inventor of the Mathison electropsychometer.

Mathison, after reading the report in the July-August issue of The ABERREE that Dr. W. H. Donahue, director of Oklahoma Mental Health, and 0. K. Bivens, State Crime Bureau director, "found" full-blooded Indians "showed absolutely no reaction" when tested on lie detector, promised to give them an E-400-A instrument "if they will send me one Indian who will not register on this instrument."

Mathison added that he wanted a live Indian, who could understand English -- not the old wooden Indian that used to be standard cigar store equipment.

Mathison said there are several full blooded Indians in his employ, and before each is hired he is given an assessment. All register very sharply.

Second Southeastern Meeting Will Be Held in Atlanta, Ga.

The second annual Southeastern Dianetic Conference will be held in Atlanta, Ga., August 21 and 22, Ernest P. Pope, chairman, reports.

This year's conference will be built around the theme: "Applying Dianetics and Scientology in Everyday Life". Among the speakers will be Alberta Elliott and Paul Metcalf, with several others still to be heard from. In addition to the speakers, short tapes will be played from persons prominent in the field unable to attend.

The conference starts Saturday morning, with preliminary discussions Friday night. It will end shortly after noon Sunday, according to Pope.

Marjorie Sapp is secretary of the conference.

Ron Outlines Each Step for Auditors in new "Handbook"

Anyone confused with how to use the new procedures should have much of that confusion erased with a new book, "The Auditor's Handbook", by L. Ron Hubbard. The book includes an outline of "Intensive Procedure".

In the Handbook, Ron lists each step for any case level, and then shows in detail how to run each step, including some of the auditor's patter. Although the book is mimeographed and contains only 25 pages, it's almost a "must" for the auditor, whether he's a Clinical Course graduate or not, and as a source of data, is a bargain at... Since the price is part of the book, and the book is copyrighted, and no part of the book may be reproduced, we can only say that the price is less than $2.86.

We'd Prefer Tearing Down Fence To Being on One Side or Other!

(From May Issue of DIANOTES)

"DIANOTES welcomes a new competitor in the dissemination of information. 'Aberree', edited by Alphia Hart, conveys a 'fresh' feeling as its pages are scanned. Alphia will be remembered for his work as editor of the Journal of Scientology. Evidently he was working under restraint in that job or perhaps he has really improved his own case. Whatever the reason, the job that he is doing now on Aberree is much more optimum...We haven't decided yet which side of the fence he's sitting on."

And does that make us a hidden influence?

Only Lack of Mail Service Cuts Down Our Circulation

The ABERREE is the nonserious voice of Scientology. Its echoes circle the globe.

In fact, one of our readers had plans for mocking up a body on another planet, but when she heard how slow the Flying Saucer Mail system is -- and she might not get her ABERREE on time -- she decided to stick around awhile.