Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

apply that technique '30' to the problem of the patient's handheld electropsychometric electrode;... it is from 50% to 100% effective in keeping the patient from consciously interfering with his subconscious mode of holding the electrode; hence extremely sharp and accurate registrations.

"Anyway, the evening after my talk, one of the doctors came up to my room for an assessment and in about 14 minutes we had pinpointed on the electropsychometer the precise primary psychic trauma that had been keeping him ill for 16 years and which had defied previous detection or relief by any means. Then I applied the idea just mentioned above: I created an image of myself and my doctor-patient as if they were out in front of me on a stage while I sat back apart and clear of the entire situation, and at once I seemed to become aware that in this case I could use the original 'let's go back over this again' idea of Ron's first book, but applied in combination with another idea based on some classified radar-electronic data I have: the application has the net effect of making it possible to run the complete 'let's go over all this again' sequence of the average trauma in about TWO SECONDS or 20 or 30 times a minute. In this procedure the treatment is always with specific psychophysical traumas pinpointed on the electropsychometer first. I dismissed the doctor after about an hour, went to bed, and thought nothing more of it.

"I was to put on a projection-screen demonstration next morning before the convention ... But just as I was about to start, Dr. Fleet appeared on the stage with my patient-doctor. Dr. Fleet said. 'Something remarkable has taken place. Dr. X is well known to most of you here. As many of you know he has suffered from a condition that neither he nor any one else has been able to relieve for 16 years. Last night Dr. X had two hours of electropsychometric therapy from Mr. Mathison -- and now I ask all of you to take a look at Dr. X. HE HAS BEEN MADE WHOLE AGAIN!

"Well, I certainly was the most startled person present in that big hall...

"Frankly I doubt if it would all have occurred if I hadn't been given that insight into the fact that one can by this imaging system set up a completely detached viewpoint, from which one may in effect watch an image of oneself somewhere out in front, operating as a THERAPIST and not as a patient. You look at it but you are not in it; YOU are no longer identified with any technique; it frees one completely; and all sorts of data, information, and new ideas come streaming into awareness." -- Volney Mathison, Los Angeles.

"Although we are by virtue of circumstances on opposite sides of the fence, I have always been a secret admirer of your delicious sense of humor...

"Since I believe you are a believer in fair play, I would like to ask that you print the enclosed in an early issue...

"It has come to my attention that Mr. Hubbard, through his representative, Mr. Wing Angell, has stated that the HAS-I no longer uses Analytical Procedure because, it is alleged, it only works in few cases.

"I will be glad to give Mr. Hubbard, personally, free, 30 hours of processing with Analytical Procedure, in order to show him how to use it properly. If at the end of that time he is still of the same opinion, I will withdraw my objection to his allegations...

"For the record, in my experience and those of my co-workers, Analytical Procedure has produced excellent results in a wide variety of cases. In incompetent hands, of course, results are not to be expected." -- Art Coulter, M.D., Worthington, Ohio.

"As always you put 'Life' into one. We got some laughs and do so like the way you put down your words." -- Clara Bradford, East Weymouth, Mass.

"What happened to something called Preventive Dianetics? I had verbal silence at the birth of my daughter this April 1. To date I have heard of only two others who have attempted this. I am very much interested in hearing from other mothers who have tried this or from any one who might be in-

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