Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

A. course in London! And auditing is marvelous, too--the beautiful sadness of it all.

"Do you know, if I were a devil, I too would miss pages out, or if I had so devilish a mind as someone I wot of, I'd go so far as to say I missed them out when I hadn't. I might even thus get some poor fools to PAY for 'The Aberree' because they thought they would be missing some pages if they didn't! But alas; I'm not a devil, and I'm still so uncertain about everything; those pages might be missing, so I'd better pay. Although heaven alone knows (I of course don't) how I'm going to get the dollars out of South Africa.

"I believe there is some snag about the literature having to be educational. The Aberree educational!!! How 'The Ghost' would laugh at that one."

"P.S.--Guess what; I've actually persuaded the 'authorities' that 'The Aberree' is educational, and they've granted me dollars. Do I hear a 'Ghostly' laugh?"--Elfleda Little, Durban, South Africa.

"There is surely much going on amongst Scientologists that would be suitable for gossip--there always has been among any such collection of people I have come across in the last three years. And there will continue to be as long as there are Scientologists drifting along in the lower tone bands. That such individuals have not been lifted up to less enturbulated levels is more a commentary on the use that Ron's techniques have been put than on anything else.

"The only flaw that can be found in Scientology, past and present, is that it is seldom used as directed. (In some circles it is seldom used.)

"At least half--probably more nearly 90%--of the Clinical Course graduates have not yet submitted their 3 case histories for their D.Scn. degree. Ron said today that what he wants are not miracles, but true accounts of really using current techniques on 3 p.c.'s, whatever the results. He needs this data to improve SOP's so that the auditor in the field will have increased opportunity for success.

"Scientology and Ron and those who follow him are going some place. Many who profess to do so are dragging their heels or (to mix some metaphors) punching holes in the bottom of the boat."--Carroll Hennick, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Just listened to Ron's last talk to the clinical units. He said any one of us has his and the staff's backing to fight entheta in any way we see fit, including people using his techniques erroneously. He said the last few lectures will be made into a package for all students. They are really good....

"I feel Bob Sutton has done a beautiful job getting the auditors here in condition. If there's any who got nothing from him, it's them, not he, responsible."--Pearl Hennick, Phoenix, Ariz.

"The pulling power of the Aberree is great and incomparable and we are well on our way toward becoming wealthy, rich, famous, and wise."--Gordon Bockstead, Phoenix, Ariz. (Ed. Note: For this added "plug", Gordon, you should split 50-50 with us. Give us the "wealth and riches" and you keep the "fame and wisdom")

"Addressed about 400 doctors at Kansas City. After my talk, Dr. Fleet, the head figure of Concept Therapy, took me aside and disclosed that one of his major unpublished techniques is to set up a scene in your mind whereby you see yourself out in front of you OPERATING AS A THERAPIST AND NOT AS A PATIENT. That is, you create a scene in which you see both yourself and your patient; in this scene or mock-up you proceed to administer and try out techniques, while you sit back in the audience as it were and watch the whole procedure from this viewpoint. This tends almost at once to break you free from self-identification with the techniques; seems to produce a remarkable feeling of freedom and a high level of operating awareness. It seems to afford a mode of SCANNING THE TECHNIQUES THEMSELVES; one suddenly sees into them and through them; all sorts of possibilities flash into view. I saw at once a specific way to