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Scientology Council

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HARDIN WALSH says that he would like to clamber out on a long theta limb and predict that Duplication is SCIENTOLOGY's secret weapon - and - that L. RON will develop some tree-e-e-e-mendous super colossal engram eliminators along these lines. We've done some experimental work on this but RON and ONLY RON is the RON to give us the way down below and above, duplicities of DUPLICATION. What we need is more DUPLICATION OF: GOOD AUDITORS - GOOD AUDITING - GOOD AUDITORS - GOOD AUDITING - JOANNA - GOOD AUDITORS - GOOD AUDITING - MONEY - GOOD P. C.'s - JOANNA - GOOD AUDITORS - and LRH........AND OLD DEVIL AORTA.

Would certainly recommend "CERTAINTY". The H. A. S. of London will accept your order. The most information for the least money, in magazine form. All schools and groups should stock extra copies to sell and give away. Gives information about Scientology in industry - schools - the professions, etc. Practical well written processing suggestions. Let's all write these high-toned English Scientologists our vote of thanks!



Since our first tentative announcements we have received many letters asking "How soon will they be ready?" Here's our answer:

Due to the high cost of printing, at present we just do not have the money to publish them without help - so we are offering you a part in this project.

FOR JUST 30 DAYS we are offering the set at a pre-publication reduced price of $2.50. These cards do no good to anyone while they are laying around on sheets of paper gathering dust.

WE KNOW THEIR VALUE! SO DO YOU! In order to make them available right away, when they are greatly needed, we are making this offer.

The SIX STEPS was chosen because it is a basic security technique. With this new system of auditing cards, the Six Steps become an even stronger tool for clearing. The Six Steps, in themselves, make a complete processing plan, and is an unlimited technique. A person using them for only 1/2 hr. each day will find himself going steadily up scale, and maintaining a constant high tone. It is designed to extrovert and stabilize a person and thus enable him to enjoy good health, well being, and ultimate clearing. With the card auditing system it is impossible to overlook any part of this important material. Handling the cards furnish a constant method for remaining in present time. Even persons who have been completely unable to process themselves report that this card system has cleared up that problem.

The regular retail price for this set of 208 cards and instruction booklet will be- - - $3.00, plus tax in Calif. FOR JUST 30 DAYS we are offering this special so we can get them in print. $2.50. Process out the time lag - SEND YOUR ORDER IN TODAY. Additional discount to groups or quantity buyers of 20% for five or more sets.