Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

'Cleared Theta Clear' in Peoria -- a very good friend of mine. This fellow is real fun to be around, and isn't busy impressing others or posing in mysterious manners to convince people that 'I know a secret -- and for money I will tell' -- as some of the early 'Clears (?)' seem to have done. I 'interviewed' him recently and sent the tape to Gordon Beckstead, so you may get to hear it sometime.

"We had a good time at the Processing Party on May 1, and later on, if people are willing, I will collect some 'statements of results' pro, con, or non.

"By the way, we are offering a new degree: C.C., S.O.T. The C.C. is an English degree: Certified Clear; the S.O.T. is Slightly Operating Thetan. Send in the top off one Uncertified Clear and $1, and we will consider you for these degrees." -- R. John Bloomquist, Peoria, Ill.

"... Not everyone has your capacity for punishment. Not everyone would have invested three years in training, and then settled down to making a living shuffling papers and cracking jokes. Please do not misunderstand: I do the same thing, for it pays me, as it pays you, and THE OTHER DOES NOT. That is the crux of the difficulty. WHY DOESN'T IT PAY. As a mutual friend remarked the other day, 'I like dianetics and have had a lot of wonderful results with it. But I NEED my present job and would hate like hell at this stage to be obliged to make a living just from Scientology.' In a town of 150,000 with HIM the only known Scientologist! ... I verily believe that the answers to our lie in MORE information from MORE sources -- more of the time." -- Lee Lockhart, Albuquerque.

"Aberree has me spellbound. I have nothing to offer but encouragement and the enclosed check. There's only one over-all improvement I could wish for which would be reflected in the letters to the editor column: I'd like to see more people madder quicker -- and mad enough to write in and rave." -- Bill Bradner, Winter Park., Fla.

"Your fanzine, 'The ABERREE', is to hand, and it is typical of fanzines, including the 'humor'...As you-all fanz. eds. never guarantee continuance or refund on folding, I never risk $$."-Harry B. Moore, New Orleans, La.

"Long time twixt communiques. Received the second copy of The Aberree and enjoyed it so much (your personal touch) that I decided to spring and subscribe ... I went into a spin a few months ago. Wowee. Think I am relatively stable again. Woweeee....There is a question in my mind as to the benefits of Scientology when carried to some of the higher statuses such as theta clears and cleared theta clears. The lower level benefits such as curing and correcting mental defects is fine and beneficial. However, when it comes to making clears (beyond the definition of MEST clear), it seems to me in light of my understanding and experience that there are potential dangers of bringing people into the range of psychic control." -- Joseph R. Zubris, Dorchester, Mass.

"Glad to see you in print again. Another Aberree." -- Kathleen Monroe, Tampa, Fla.

"I think it is.. nice to have someone putting out a magazine that is so straightforward and outspoken. It certainly counteracts some of the vaporously optimistic publications one gets from other sources." -- D.C. King, Denver

"Please start my subscription with Vol. 1, No. 1, if you ever get around to starting the publication." -- Pat Conroy, Los Angeles.

(To Be Continued. And though we like flattery, we'll print other types of comment here, as well.)