Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

ate with. So, my wife and I, taking Hubbard's advice, went out and built our own house -- METACHROMICS.

"About the Aberree. It's a swell job and I like its tones -- for it has several, and I don't like to get stuck reading page after page of something in the same tone." -- Morgan J.Morey, Tampa, Fla.

"It looks as if this -- - competitor of a scandal sheet is determined to persist. So, I'll stop resisting and send in my subscription .... I want you to know that I think youse guys are just horrible for entering your splinter publication into the already overcrowded field of Scientological and other readers. There are yet so few cases who can look, that I think this is a real infringement and should be prosecuted to the limit of the law-whatever that is." -- Barbara Bryan, Phoenix, Ariz.

"We received the second issue of 'The Aberree' and read both the first and second issue at the same time .... We both enjoyed them and would certainly like to be on the mailing list .... Lots of good luck and please keep the line open." -- Marianna Adams, Kansas City, Mo.

"Received your ? and would like to receive more. But, I don't like the amount requested and have changed it to .97 Plus .03 sales tacks. Enclosed find $5." -- Leo R. Hoenel, Detroit.

"I ... particularly enjoyed the tone scale as published and as compiled by Hennick. I had thought ... quite a bit about the tone scale especially in relation to the minus scale. It seems to me that some of the minus characteristics actually belong to the thetan's scale between 0 and 4. Such as controlling bodies, protecting bodies, needing bodies. In other words, the tone scale comes down from 40. Right through the thetan plus body scale to minus 8 or minus 12. It seems to me the thetan can have a scale of his own in the same range as the thetan plus body which will not be the same. I feel that there are lots of thetans operating bodies from this range and are not the high drive type that kick a body around. Perhaps the thetan's tone scale will be the same as the body's but it seems that controlling bodies would be higher than being a body." -- Lt. Col. Alvin E. Robinson, Washington, D. C.

"Just finished scanning The Aberree for the third time in case I missed a "sleeper". I enjoyed it hugely. I so enjoyed it I have read excerpts, "Gems", to friends.

"My own activity has been rather sporadic. I am stopped practically. A new cycle is looming, tho, and hope is still breathing." -- Bill Winters, Long Beach, Calif.

"The Aberree was the best job I've seen in the field in the last four years. I am terrifically pleased and real proud of you... I'm enclosing evidence that advertising in The Aberree really pays off." -- Ross Lamoreaux, Phoenix.

"Sure enjoyed your paper. It compares favorable in tone with those who sometimes get quite low on the tone scale .... Glad you liked part of my writeup enough to reprint it. It has been criticised because it is too erudite. People have to read it more than once, sometimes -- not like the funny papers." -- Frank Sullivan, Detroit, Mich.

"My unbiased opinion is that it (THE ABERREE) is equal to The Ghost. I MEST (pronounced 'must') have it." -- Al Ramirez, Silverdale, Wash.

"In reference to 'Aberree', Vol. 1, No. 2, 1 also know very few 'Clears', but I didn't know the definition was so indefinite. It seemed pretty precise to me in the Appositions of Scientology by Awful Hard. And, by these precise definitions, there is at least one