Ghost goes "Saintly"; Blames Past Blunders To Editor of Aberree

The Spinescent Evolution of a Clem out of Water!

Ghost goes "Saintly"; Blames Past Blunders To Editor of Aberree

After reading Clem Johnson's February issue of The GHOST, dated April 15, we turned back to Page 1 to see if he'd renamed the "magazine" the "GHOST OF DANIEL WEBSTER". But he hadn't, so we guess our friend from Florida isn't running a past life in locking horns with the Devil and trying to best him with his wit and oratory.

To those who get The GHOST and don't read it (The GHOST editor apparently doesn't, because he sent our copy airmail from his address in Phoenix to our old address in Phoenix, although our new address was printed inside), you'll find more in the February-April issue about The ABERREE and its personnel than you'll find in The ABERREE. Of course, very little of it is reliable, but we enjoyed finding out what the hot Arizona desert can do to a man used to captaining a rowboat off the hurricane-swept Florida coast.

Just to keep our readers informed (those who read both The GHOST and The ABERREE), we're going to quote The GHOST at length, and make any corrections in his article we feel necessary. Minor errors will be ignored.

"Our old friend, staunch and true, tried and tested and found to be all we had mocked him up to be, and more -- Devil Hart himself, has now turned on us with a brand new Scientological news sheet (1) called The ABERREE in which he blasts everything and every one with more vim and vigor than the Ghost ever dared to do!

"In Vol. 1, No. 1., he very covertly calls the Ghost a 1.1 publication without being brave enough to call the name -- and he calls US 1.1!

"Actually though, if you knew the Devil before he attended the Clinical Course Third Unit -- (and 4th) you would know how apathetic he was to being quoted (2) -- or was it fear, 1.0? Anyway, he claims that his auditing through the two courses have done nothing for him, he has come up tone to 2.2 anyway and is now just about the most ANTAGONISTIC person in the field. SO THERE IS A CHANGE whether he will admit it or not!! (3)

"Just because he claimed that he was a "Black 5" (4) and insisted on staying one, he became very antagonistic towards all the Theta Clears (5) and Operating Thetans (6) that were produced in the 3rd and 4th Units...So antagonistic indeed, that he couldn't find people enough to LISTEN to him so he has to start a newspaper! (7)...."

"....Ron says there were NINE theta clears made during the Fourth Unit. This is probably so, although they DO NOT go around admitting it. And you need not pay much attention to what you read about it in the Aberree,, either, because The Devil is very proud of being aberrated, and especially of being considered a Black 5. He thinks that Black 5s are the only SANE people there are! And it does seem that they are according to

(Turn Page, If You Want More.)

"We will try to get it (The GHOST) back on a more 'saintly' level."