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If you're awfully deject, you're defect.

Don't forget the Conference in Phoenix June 5 to 9. (And L. Ron's latest won't be all that's hot.)


Sorry, PINKHAMSKI. After we'd deciphered your article (?), on the A-bomb, we were out of patience, and when we'd audited our patience back, we were out of room. Try it on The GHOST; it'll print anything. (Well, almost anything.)

To RAY SCHARPEN -- Thanks. Now that we're back under the green eyeshade, we feel less like a house without a roof.

To BROTHER ART in Fort Worth -- Don't start worrying about what's happening to the "Family Tree". Alice Agnes Johnson Hart and Clem Johnson are not cousins, even if you did read it in The GHOST.

To RON -- Hope you didn't think we'd print that, even if it did come from our favorite California grapevine.


Four certificates, entitling the owners to practice Scientology as a religion, have been received in California from L. Ron Hubbard's office, according to J. Burton Farber, state executive secretary of the Church of Scientology of California. These were: Doctor of Divinity certificates to Rev. John McCormick of LaJolla, and Dr. Farber, Glendale; and Practitioner of Spiritual Healing certificates to Earl H. Robinson, South Pasadena, and George H. Schuler, Long Beach.


190 pages of data that took eight weeks to gather, three weeks to compile and write, and two weeks to print. Where else can you get so much for so little? Better hurry. The next-to-last one will be $25. (We're keeping the last one for ourselves.)


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