Scientology Council

Scientology Council

621 South Oxford Avenue
Los Angeles 5, Calif.

"Ha Ha, Ho Ha, He He!!!! - Oh, that 'Line Charge'! What clever thetan cooked that up?' Why, the one with the body labeled Hardin D. Walsh. - - We thought it would be a cartoon book for Scientologists only but it seems to be attracting the "naturals" who never heard of Scientology. A very educational book of cartoons about the humorous side of Scientology -- Only $2.00.

One group leader wrote "Sure didn't think that I would have any use for an elementary Scientology book until you sent one to our group. I saw at a glance that you were so right and I had to have it. And that chart! Who is that genius Mark L. Gallert who wrote 'The Elementary Scientology Series'?" - - Oh, just a guy who saw his job and did it. He is also somewhat responsible for the eager doctors milling about at the Council. "Elementary Scientology Series", three books in one, is a must for newcomers -- $4.00. This book is being reviewed by a leading Hollywood newspaper. Will let you know how much reaching is accomplished in case you want to do it in your location.

Say, speaking of doctors - vitamins or better yet, food supplements come to mind. Ron has been after us to fortify the body during processing, some say 200 B1 and 250 C's are too much - or too little. Some say B1 without the other B's don't assimilate well, etc., etc. Well, we are aberrated because we needed more certainty on this, so we had a very fine biochemist make a study of our needs and after six months, has come up with a formula that really checks out for us, tailor-made for processing (with our own Scientology label). I have the formula all written up with complete explanations for group leaders and auditors who are interested in "stocking" this product for the convenience of your p.c.'s as well as yourself and staff. Just write us for the information.

Seen any flying saucers today? One man, Truman Bethrum, who has been on them eleven times will tell the Scientologists all about it this week-end at Scientology Council. Scientology leads the way to direct communication with flying saucers but at this time we do not advise it. This indicates we are living in a new age where scientific methods called Scientology ("the science of knowing that you know") are making man's next evolutionary steps possible. It has been our observation that the p.c.'s who get high enough can contact flying saucers out of their bodies. One man we know made an experiment and found he had even picked up radiation, which was run out. So know your basic laws of motion thoroughly and be very high before contacting saucers. He is now revising his postulates on picking up the stuff. So processed homo sapiens are in the kindergarten of the new age. Thank you, Ron.

Joanna and Hardin Walsh have a tape that has been going the rounds and been widely received. Joanna stressed the importance of the first consultation and tells of actual cases and methods she used at the Council. Hardin lectures on the 4th Clinical course as given to advanced auditors upon his return from Phoenix. It is yours for the asking if you promise to send it to another group. Notify us to whom it went.