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I'm Kristi Wachter. I created this site to present and preserve a unique slice of Scientology history - and American history.

I have created a number of sites as a result of my ongoing interest in Scientology, Scientologists, and the many reform movements and splinter groups that have sprung up since the early days of Dianetics.

As I collected information, I came across the occasional issue of The Aberree, which tickled me and delighted me and amazed me with its glimpses of a side of Scientology history that had gotten buried - or erased. From the very earliest days of Dianetics and Scientology (or "Dianology," as the Aberree editor called it), there was dissent, skepticism, experimentation, infighting, harassment, fluctuating policy, and name-calling. But back then, there was also a healthy helping of humor.

I am thrilled to be able to present the Aberree in its entirety, thanks to the Harts themselves, who chose not to copyright their work - and to the diligent collectors who kept the old magazines around.

I welcome feedback from visitors to any of my sites - although I am usually extremely slow to reply, due to the amount of mail I get. If you have suggestions for this site or information that could be used here, please contact me, Kristi Wachter, at<.

I thank you for taking the time to visit the Compleat Aberree.

Kristi Wachter

Enjoy your visit back to the Aberree's 50-year-old time warp ... and remember - don't take it all so damn' seriously!

You can find my personal blog at Kristi-Wachter<.com.